Data CD'S appear as audio

I have a pc with windows 98se and 5 cd recorders (2 in the motherboard ide controller and 3 in promise
ultra ta 133 tx2). I can burn succesfully with nero simultaneously with 5 recorders, but when i insert
a data cd in a recorder that is connected to the promise controller, it appears as audio cd with the only
content track1.cda. When i insert the same cd in the recorder that is in the motherboard ide, everything works fine.
My recorders are teac w552g and the motherboard is Asus P4S800D with SIS chipset. I have installed the latest promise drivers and the latest bios for the controller

If anything interferes with the CD data, it has a habit of appearing to be an audio CD - and the Promise controller is not a good one for optical drives.
The mention here of renaming the PU66VSD.VXD file - may aslo help with compatibility - since this component is irrelevant to CD usage.