Data cd recovery

it’s possible to recover data from cdrw (UDF)???
i have “fast deleted” with Nero and write 20mb in ISO mode


CD Data Rescue from is the best I’ve seen, there’s also CDRoller [] which may be worth a try. make CDR Diagnostic, possibly not what you need - but if you can get a trial version then anything’s worth a try!

Another one which I’ve not even seen, but it’s advertised as exactly what you need… FixUDF! v2 from - but I would be weary of this, Softarch products are notoriously unstable.

Good luck to you!!

thanks a lot man

CD-R Diagnostic has saved my ass once, was able to restore over 99% of my files on a DirectCD disk that had been corrupted and that Direct CD could not restore. It took TWO hours to read the defective disk (1/2X!), but I lost practically nothing.

If you already wrote it over, it may be even more difficult but you could give it a try. Very slow, but very effective!