Data cd recognised as audio cd!

Hi! Here’s the problem:
When a friend of mine tries to burn a data disc, Windows recognises it as an audio cd with just Track01.cda. The weird is that the data cds he burns, play perfectly well in all the others computers except his! This is happening for some time now and it started happening all of a sudden. He can use all his old data cds, but not the new ones he creates! He has Windows 98 and Nero I also saw that his Creative cd-rom is primary-slave :eek: and his Yamaha cd-r is secondary master. Also, some times, when he inserts the data cd in the cd-rom, it just freezes the computer because it can’t recognise it, without the eject working.
Any thoughts? Re-install Windows, change cd-rom from primary slave to secondary slave, change burning software maybe?

bleh, Windows 98. all Windows 9X versions are wonky. Windows XP works without a hitch. so unless you want to buy (wink wink) Windows XP, just re-install. IMHO it’s the best way to solve problems in Win98.

unless someone else has a better idea?

(and shouldn’t his CD-ROM be Master?)

See the information at I inserted a CD-ROM but Windows thinks it’s an audio CD.

Your friend could try the IDE cable replacement, the UDF driver removal, and Mode 1 burning to see if one of these could be related to this unusual problem. It would probably also be a good idea to check the ASPI drivers.

Make sure that the ASPI layer is properly installed. Go to cyrus-troy Downloads and download the ASPI Check and Force ASPI programs.

Run ASPI Check to see if the installation is properly installed and is version 4.60 (1021). If this is not the case, unzip (extract) ForceASPI, read the Index.htm file carefully, and run the program. ForceASPI will repair and properly install the current ASPI layer.

Reboot, run ASPI Check again, and if correct, try it again to see if it helps the problem.

Originally posted by nEXusJ
buy (wink wink) Windows XP

lol :bigsmile:

Thanks for the answers. He does have ASPI 4.60 properly installed and no UDF reader. Perhaps I’ll tell him to re-format and change the IDE cables.