Data CD problem (no idea where to start with this 1!)

Ok, odd problem. I have 2 cd’s purchased some time ago (possibly 10 yrs?) from a 3rd party. They are data discs containing files of a vehicle manufacturer’s parts catalog; diagrams, exploded views, part numbers, etc. Don’t remember if it’s a copy of a factory disc (not sure that they even used them at the time) or the person scanned the physical catalog and put the files on disc as it’s been a while since they were used. All I know is they worked, were put back in their sleeves and stored.

Needing to refer to them so I pulled them out, put them in and nothing. No read errors or anything just nothing. Drive spins up for a while then stops or just keeps going. Doesn’t show anything in win explorer. Either disc, tried on 3 different computers 2 with winxp and 1 with vista and same thing, nothing. They aren’t scratched or damaged in any way, and I know they worked before. It’s just been so long since I don’t remember if there was a specific program to run them or not? Don’t remember who they were purchased from so can’t ask them.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Try using the free version of ISOBuster to find the data on the discs.

I second Kerry’s suggestion of IsoBuster.
The trial version is free & still works limited after the trial.

I suspect it is the UDF version they were written with that is causing the problem.
Or age deterioration.

Nero Info tool might tell you what software wrote the discs.

Thanks Kerry! I’ll give that a try when I get home. Gotta get these files, hard copies of those catalogs are $80 a piece!

Age deterioration for real?! Geez I better start checking other data discs then!

I’ll give Nero a try too. I hope something pops. Like I said all they do is spin. Doesn’t even show a disc is in the drive under win explorer.

That sounds just like my problem, on a mac though.
Have tried several apps, win + mac, to no avail.
Maybe this thread will give shed new light!

“Auto CDs” and reading problems - this always sounds like that HexaLock issue.

Christine is correct many of this kind of CD have HexaLock.
If that is the case then you will need to use software designed to work with HexaLock .
I don’t have a Mac so I have I don’t know if any of the software in the threads about HexaLock would work.
I also haven’t worked with any HexaLock containing CDs.
I have read about them in some of the threads.
They seem to be a real pain to make backups of.