Data cd becomes a single audio track

So i’m using the Platinum idition , installed the upgrades , did all the mandatory stuff. When I try to write a data cd at 40x it ends up becoming a sigle audio cda file. I am using 40x compatible media. This is on a new liteon 40x12x48x. please help ;-(. the file ends up being the exact size of the files I was attempting to burn,

Now thats new. Data CD becomes Audio CD :eek:
Could you describe exactly what you did while burning ??
Anywayz what r u trying to burn. Are you sure you are using conventional methods :bigsmile:

I’m dragging JPGs from a folder from my digital camera which is on the desktop to be burnt. The size of images is about 504 meg . I select the data cd utility, and it burns and says CD created successfully. When I go to read it it is an cda. file and winamp opens up, funny thing is the file is the exact same size as the jpegs I was attempting to burn,

i’ve had the same type of problem once. I was backing up GTA3, and i had made an image with clonecd4, and patched the image with betablocker, then the next day (i was too tired to finish that night), i go to open up clonecd and it says it cannot open if it has been modified or if my computer is infected by a virus.

Well, i idn’t modify it and i don’t have any viruses, so then i say “ok, i’ll just use nero”

So i select the image in nero and tell it to burn. It burns it and when i go to browse the cd, there was just a single audio track the same size as the GTA3 image.

It confused the hell out of me.:confused:

Well I’m glad someone else has seen it, the guys at my office think I’m a “freak” and I must be halucinating or something… Well my next questionis, is it still happening or not and did you have to do soemthing to fix it?

well i messed with clonecd images on nero once and when i got that result i gave up. What kind of burner are you using and what are your system specs?

Dell gsx300 966mhz, 1 gig of ddr ram , scsi , cdrom (1) is a Liteon 40x12x48x , cdrom (2) is a noname 48x read only. Roxio works fine on my oher simialr systems, it sees to be ONLY with this new liteon burner I bought. hmm, the Firmware upgrade said it upgraded completely andall… I’m thinking of ditching this liteon POS and buying a plextor.

i would try upgrading you burning software and any patches or anything else you can update and also upgrade you aspi layer and see if that works.

If it doesn’t i don’t know what to tell you.

Burn a cd , check in writer if cd can be read. If correcly then check in other readers if cd can be read.

I’ve seen this happen quite a lot actually. It’s more to do with bad ASPI/ATAPI device drivers from what i’ve seen. Best to reinstall your entire controller drivers (both ide and scsi) and then rerun ASPI 4.7 drivers. (Even if you have ide).

.cda files are actually 4 bytes :slight_smile: it’s the data behind it :slight_smile: