"data?.cab" files

Hi, I need some help. Since lots of games has files “data?.cab” on the CDs, which (as I understand it) contain game files, and are extracted in the instalation process. Assuming that the main EXE file is also packed in this CAB file, it would be easier to replace the original EXE file with the cracked EXE file in the CAB, instead doing it after the instalation (as many people does).
Now, the problem is, I haven’t got a slightest idea where I can get a program that could unpack and then, again pack such a file.
So, if my theory’s right… could anybody tell me where can I get this packer, and is the thing I’m talking about even possible to achieve?

You can use winace or powerarchiver to extract and make cab files.

No I dont think the above method will work. Winace etc will edit normal cab files but they won’t edit MS Installation cab files. You will need to download a tool called i6comp to do this. You must run this program from the command prompt.
Search Google

It’s been discussed before. See the other thread.

amen gh0sth@cker

of course, if you replace the main exe with a crack, good luck updating.

and good luck posting more about this highly illegal matter.

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