Data burned dvds are choppy

i am using a nec 3500ag with 2.18 fw w/bitsettings (218btrpc1). the problem i’m having is that when i read video files that my nec burned as data, the video/audio is choppy and skips. this only happens when the disc is read in other drives, not in my nec (in the nec it is nice a smooth). I’ve tried burning at different speeds with different media and it makes no difference. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

Sounds like your dvd player is choking on mpgs that arent properly authorized and not within dvd specs,hard to tell with no other info such as what type of mpeg it is at what bitrate and fps and resolution and quality of burn.Computer dvd burners are much more forgiving in that they dont need to play files as a home dvd player.

How big are the files that you try to play?

Do you have a DVD player with navi function (incl. playing of plain mpeg data)??
Or what are the “other drives” you mentioned?

i’m not playing them on stand alone dvd players…i’m playing it on a toshiba dvd in my laptop and i tried my friend’s laptop dvd drive also (still choppy). some of the videos are .ogm .avi, and .mkv (no mpeg files), the file size ranges from 174-233mb… sorry for not giving all this info

johnisme: the bitrate, fps, resolution, and quality shouldn’t really matter because it plays fine in the 3500a, right? i have no way of measuring the quality but i’m sure it’s good. i’ve burned good quality dvd backup movies already. i’m using T02 fuji dvd+r 8x if that matters

most likely those dvd players are not able to read burnt media fast enough. try copying the files to the hard drive and see if they are ok. if they are then the drive you are playing back on isn’t fast enough. OR the combination of the computer’s ability to decode the files coupled with the speed of the dvd player’s ability to read burnt media is not fast enough

the files copied fine to the hard drive. i think you’re right about the dvd drive not being fast enough to read it. i need to try to read the dvd discs in a desktop dvd drive; it seems as though laptop drives aren’t as fast as desktop dvd drives…i’ll try it on a desktop and i’ll post the results

so 218btrpc1 is all good for you so “far” htownteg???

its working great as far as the booktype setting goes but the rip lock doesn’t work…it rips soo slow

the riplock removed does work…let me guess, you are ripping a dl disk and it only gets to about 6.8x…that’s as fast as the drive goes. without riplock removed it only rips at 2-2.5x… :wink: