Data backup on DVD



I would like some suggestions on reliable backup software that can backup to DVD.


  • daily backup of modified files
  • easy to use
  • fully automatic (i.e. no pressing of buttons each day)
  • files need to be on the dvd seperatly (instead of 1 big file like most programs)
  • not using packet writing




I’ve long thought about this issue…perhaps I’m just eccentric (or anal) but I too have so much data, downloaded software app archives, constantly changing/updating my list of working serial numbers(retail products, of course), etc. that I had almost decided to buy a dvd burner just for this purpose. Don’t much care about dvds but am consumed with data archiving and protection. CD/Rs aren’t big enough and it’s a pain trying to figure out where to split folders, etc, so I just got another HD for archiving. Also with the current DVD burning speed limit of 4x, I’m not sure it it’s an acceptable alternative. A nice free program that helps me to keep archives current and automatic is “Ghost Files” by Lavasoft. Works like a charm and is childproof. Luck!

Sorry, screwed up. It’s not by lavasoft, but by lowrie.



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I use Handy Backup. Pretty cheap, any backup option one could possibly need… give it a try


doxtr111 , what’s wrong with 4X?

DVD = more than 6X capacity of a CD
Fast CD burner takes 2:30
Time to burn 6 CDs is 15 minutes excluding swtching discs
Time to burn DVD @ 4X

Seems pretty fast to me. :rolleyes:

I use the DVD to backup things that don’t change too often… MP3, AVIs, base install image, a few critical files.

4X RW discs should be on the market in the very near future. Makes thing much better from a backup standpoint.

Problem with using another hard drive for archiving is that if you have any data corruption, viruses, drive issues or problems at the chipset level, you’re screwed when you overwrite the backup.

Physically separate media is the only way to be safe.

I also avoid using any type of compression in my backup. Generally the higher the compression, the higher the probability of errors occurring.