Data Backup DVD vs BLU RAY

How many of you are backing up data on Blu Ray discs now?
If so, do you trust the media to provide long term storage which can be read-back?

IMO long-term storage means about 5 years (blu-ray), even if the media is “generic” quality. If the data is semi-important would you make multiple copies, and would those extra copies be on DVD media instead of blu-ray?

Since blu-ray recordables are so new, almost 1/2 the bd media burners dont’ provide scanning support, so at best we have few tools to gauge media quality. When blu ray burners reach cricial mass price point of below $50 this or next year, this will be imporant to get new insights so we can have better advice & high quality media/drive makers get loyal support.

There are only two Bluray manufacturers that I’ve seen that appear to have enough reason for confidence in their media’s longevity to release the results of accelerated aging tests. Panasonic and Falcon/FTI. While their claims of 50+ years may be a little optimistic, I am inclined to trust my most important burning tasks to nothing less.

Especially after other manufacturers materials/production techniques have led to folks reporting unusable discs in less than a year :frowning: .

Has anyone seen aging test results for any other Bluray media?


Has anyone seen aging test results for any other Bluray media?[/QUOTE]
There is only one discussion on the MyCE forum that I know about
where there have been some serious talks about “accelerated ageing” made [B]on pressed BDs [U]and[/U] burned BD-Rs[/B].

The study has been published in november 2009 in France and you will find some direct links to it
in this thread:
“ BD archiving same longevity as DVDR ? ”