Data Back up Software?

Hi, have searched the forum but what i get is only software for backing up DVD movies. My question is what software should i use to back up files like photos, mp3’s, tax stuff, or whatever. Don’t mind if i have to buy it but free would be fine also. I’m looking for software kind of like the built in burning software XP uses to put files on cd-r’s but i will put on dvd’s (more space!) and will be using my NEC-3520a. Ok just wondering.

Thanks in advance:)!!

Windows XP’s built in Backup utitlity? unless your drive was OEM (quite possible) didn’t it come with a burning suite like Nero, Roxio, etc.? Acronis TrueImage 8 is a nice imaging/cloning software with incremental backup capabilities from what i hear.

Thanks for the Quick response drpino. Yes my NEC is OEM and sorry for the vague description about the xp utility. I have xp pro and i guess its like incd but doesn’t crash on me like that did. i just drag and drop files and then hit “write these files” and it does (have used it only on cd-r’s and cd-rw’s). Sorry i don’t know what Microsoft calles it (exact name) but I’d like a better program to do the same (even if it is a suite like nero or roxio) but i will be using dvd media instead since it holds more space than 700mb! Ok hope i was a bit more clear. Thanks again!!

well, Nero has “Back-It-Up” as a component but by MS Backup utility, i meant that there’s a built in backup function (not the same as the CD burning you’re referring to): that should do the trick if you’re just needing basic backup functions.

as i mentioned before, imaging and/or cloning your drive via a software like Acronis True Image is very useful, not only for select file backups, but also for full system backups in case of HD failure, RAID failure, etc. etc. probably overkill for your needs though.

good luck backing up your important files! :slight_smile:

Thanks again! Wow i didn’t even know i had that utilitly built in! Checked it out its under accessories and labled “backup”, but not exactly what i am looking for but will check it out later. I was searching for the name of this “software” on the microsoft website and they just call it microsoft integrated cd burning (built in windows xp). That is what i use to like i said just drag and drop files and then burn them on to the cdr (or cdrw) and it works fine but it is only for this type of blank media. So that is why i was asking for something for blank dvd media. But i will check out Acronis TrueImage 8 and see if its what i am looking for. I used to use roxio incd when i had windows 98 but it sometimes didn’t work for me and crashed a lot so when i got xp and used its built burning software i never used anything else but now with the dvd burner i would like to get something as reliable as that (doesn’t have to be free). Ok sorry for dragging this out, and thanks for your time and not ignoring my questions:)!

no problem. roxio has drag-to-disc and nero has InCD…those are the 2 main “packet writing” softwares i know of. Acronis True Image isn’t exactly what you’re looking for…

others here may be able to offer some other “packet writing” for DVD softwares…again, good luck.

oops you are right, it was drag to disc that gave me problems from roxio, hmm i guess i’ll try incd from NERO and see if it does what i am looking for. I haven’t used roxio since version 5 so don’t know if they have improved that utility. OK thanks for your time and will try out nero!!