Data and audio

hi there. a newbie seeking some help:

I need to burn a master disc for a promo I’m doing. It’s a mixture of audio and data and I’m struggling to get it right.

The audio takes the form of 5 tracks which need to play in standard CD players.

The data is a PDF catalogue which I would like to open automatically when a customer loads the disc into a computer.

I’m currently using NTI CD and DVD maker 7 on an acer laptop.

Please help! it would be greatly appreciated.

Dan Hampton

Welcome to the forums.

Sounds to me like you just want to create an Enhanced CD. This is called CD EXTRA in Nero but I’ve no experience with the programs you mention. This is just a multisession CD with audio as the first session and data as the second session. You will need to read up on how to create an ‘autorun’ file to start the PDF viewer (Adobe Acrobat) when the disc is put in a PC.


thanks. that worked.