Dat file to mp3

Hello, I any new to this forum and I been trying all day to figure out how to convert dat files (from my VCD) into a mp3. I tried to convert it into a mpeg than in to a mp3 and tha didnt work out. This VCD is a karaoke and I just want the music on a regular cd to listen to in my car. Please help this helpless girl out. thnx~

What is the name of the DAT file on the CD that you want to rip the music from and what folder is it located in? This info might help understand what type of DAT file it is so that a rip or conversion is possible.

Avseq01.dat and Avseq02.dat and so on. I copied the file from my vcd to a folder that is on my desktop. today i downloaded many programs and they all had errors. please help. :bow:

i need it to be free and a program that works well. I just got done using DB power amp music converter and i works really well. The problem is that its a demo and the music i faster than its suppose to be.

If its a vcd then its a long streamed video and audio file in played in sync. You can not pick and choose so simply segements of music from it and get an mp3. If anything, you have a better chance to use vcdgear and make an mpeg file, then capture the music as it plays into a recording software, and then converting the captured wav file into an mp3.

Or just find out what music is in the vcd movie and try looking for the indivual songs. Surely there must be a a soundtrack.