Dat 2 dvd



Have many dat music tapes that I have spent many hours recording. To insure longevity and share with others, I would like to copy them to computer, then burn to DVD.
My TASCAM DAT has digital output. I have ECDC 7 deluxe and will buy DVD burner.
Can this be done while maintaining full DAT quality i.e. no mpeg etc.
What would I need, a special sound card or ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Since I have had no replies, here’s what I have learned. Perhaps it will help someone else.
Copy from DAT using Sound Blaster, Digital I/O II sound card, in ecdc sound editor select Record From: SPDIF, (you need to clk the small microphone). Record, add track markers and track info if you wish, then save to playlist. Right clk the playlist (select all) and clk Convert Format, MP3(SPDIF uses WAV files) Burn to CD or DVD. This CD will only play on CD or DVD Players that accept MP3. If you decided to burn to DVD, your DVD Player must be able to play it. One such is the Pioneer DV-563A (Circuit City $150). Others probably can’t play. This one can since it can handle DVD Audio. HTH someone
Regards, Desert Rat


I suppose you know that MP3 is a lossy format (MPEG 1 Layer III) and it will not maintain “DAT-Quality”.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, I do know that MP3 does not compare with DAT (or CD), I can certainly notice the quality difference. My original idea was to put the DAT on DVD+ but that cannot be done until someone comes out with a player that would play it. Even though I record MP3 @ 360bps, it is not as good.
One thing further; Every DVD player at Best Buy has a further problem with files in MP3 format. They will not stay in order but will scatter track numbers at random(no, the random is shut off). Can you imagine the nightmare you would have with files on a DVD MP3? You would never know what your listening to.
I have decided to go ahead and record to CD Full Format and put up with having more CD’s. Oh well, live and learn.
Regards, Harry