Dashboard Gone! Help!

Here my problem, I hope anyone can help me out:

I softmodded my xbox using the SC xploit. All good here. But I didn’t have the dash 5960 so it the manual said that i should use AutoInstaller Deluxe to install it. So i booted the AID 3 disc. The manual said that i should format the HD to ensure a clean install. All good. Then I used the option “Install M$ Dash 5960” or something like that. But when it was installing it, an error came out (I don’t remember the error) and the program got stuck there.

And as I didn’t know what to do I said “Well, I’m gonna restart the xbox and do it again”. But now my xbox doesn’t boot up the AID disc!. I said: WTF!!!

Now my dash does not work. Original games work but the AID disc doesn’t (DVD movies don’t work either). I booted SC again but the xploit game save is no longer there (since I formatted the HD i assume). So now I can’t run the xploit again and I can’t copy it again since my dash doesn’t work.

Does anyone know how can I fix this mess?