Darshanjog and princo


Darshanjog, I was looking at the thread with all those CDSpeed results posted. An interesting test made by you caught my eye:


You tested the Princo CDs and it turns out that they fared pretty well.
I would really appreciate it if you could give me the EXACT description of the Princo CDs you used… what were they called… what did they look like… could you do a couple more tests for me with those CDs and determine whether their performance is consistant?
I would definately appreciate it

And anyone else reading this, I would also appreciate some feedback on Princo media. Thanks :slight_smile:

PS: nice collection of ‘bhailogs’ here I’ve noticed
achi baat hein :slight_smile:
mein rehta hu UAE mein (Dubai)

Ok, something that doesnt seem to make sense.

In this thread Princo CDs are being discussed: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=55152&highlight=princo

Now, halfway down a guy called “webcrawler” posts WSES results for the Princo disks and you (darshan) reply "Indeed they are bad. I thought so as they were very cheap. Thanks for the info. I’ll sell the whole spindle to someone. "

But, just a few posts later you reply: “Just upgraded to VS08. These cheap Princos burn very nice at 40x. No yellow sectors. All green. Even CD Quality Check reports 0 errors. Now, at INR 10.50, these princos really rock.”

I dont understand, are they good or not? :frowning:

I have the LiteON 2410B and I am seriously considering using Princo…


After doing some further research on this forum. It appears that there are two types of Princos. The ones sold in Europe (germany especially) are really crappy , but the ones sold in asia and US are apprently very good.

Now, since I live in the Middle East… I am stuck in the middle. lol

I dont know which Princos are available here, the european ones or the asian.
But, I was able to get the CDSpeed info from a friend who uses Princo disks.
Would some of the experianced users here be able to identify the type of Princo by ATIP values?

Here they are:

Princo 2x-48x certified

Recent Princo CD - 48x compliant
Manufacturer : Princo
Code : 97m27s28f
Disc Type : CD-R
Usage : General
Recording Layer : Dye Type 8: Short Strategy (Phthalocyanine)
Recording Speed : n/a
Capacity : 79:59.74
703 MB
Additional Capacity : n/a
Overburn Capacity : not tested

These disks look look silverish and have “princo” written on them in silver and it also says “2x-48x”


do you talk a lott to yourself???..lol


I was getting inconsistent results earlier with the princos & other media because my burner was faulty.

I replaced it & got a new piece.

Now, these Princos 2x-48x rated (silverish) really rock.

Get them. They have a SmartBurn limit of 40x though.

As your burner is 24x, it is not an issue for you.

Go ahead, buy those. They are cool & really cheap.

Good advice follows:
Buy small quantities and test them in your own drive.
The real issue with the “lesser” media types is that they are inconsistant. One batch is good, another is bad.
At 24x, many different media should work well, but keep testing them untill you are comfortable that they are consistant.

Such a test also includes putting the discs into sunlight for some time and see what happens.