Dark Water

Summary for drive G: (AnyDVD

Drive (Hardware) Region: 1 / FULLSCREEN

Media is a Data DVD.
Booktype: dvd-rom (version 1), Layers: 2 (opposite)

Video DVD (or CD) label: DARK_WATER
Media is CSS protected!
Video Standard: NTSC
Media is locked to region(s): 1!

RCE protection not found.
DVD structure appears to be correct.
Found & removed Macrovision RipGuard protection!
Autorun not found on Video DVD.
Found & removed 4 bad sector protections!
Emulating RPC-2 drive with region 1!

Ripped to HD fine using AnyDVD & CloneDVD :slight_smile:

Ditto except WS

Respectfully asking … but why are you creating a “no-problem” thread? Or did I misunderstand a problem?

Lately, there seems to be a rash of “no-problem”, “me too”, “worked fine with” or “did anyone try it yet before I rent it?” type of threads and postings!! :rolleyes:


I won’t get my copy of Dark Water from Amazon till tomorrow (I hope). Christmas postal jam-up is probably the reason.

Well for me i replyed just to say it works with the programs i used and if you have problems then you have OTHER problems. Maybe James @Slysoft would like to know. To me i would rather read it copied fine instead of 5+ threads of having problems…Then i would search out what’s wrong with my machine. Others are doing it why can’t i. But most people aren’t like me and you aren’t one of them :rolleyes: “respectfully saying” Does that help?

Dark Water will copy fine,if you have problems then just ask someone and wait for reply :stuck_out_tongue:

Whisperer, I just realized that this was a heavily protected title and to let others know that the Slysoft products copy it with zero problems. I just wanted to help, but I will take a different approach from now on and wait till someone has a problem before posting. No offense taken Bro.

It’s not that it’s really a problem to post “no problem” threads.

But most of us see a film title… and ASSUME that you have a problem.

I clicked on this expecting someone to say “Dark Water won’t copy! HELP!” but was pleasantly surprised to see that all was well.

Not sure if this is a positive or negative trend. LOL!

Ya, ok, maybe I’m just grouchy today.

I was expecting Dark Water in the mail but the damn Post Office is closed. :a Christmas (Sunday) was yesterday and these guys get [I]today off too /I just because they always get Sunday off and it doesn’t count as good enough? That is soooo kindergarten! “Look mommy, I saw a snowflake…do we have to go to school today?” And these buggers are raising the price of postage stamps! For this kind of service?

Anyway, I’d still cast my preference as a vote for seeing entire threads started for a problem rather than a no-problem. Seems more like I walked into a rose garden by mistake.

Uncle Scrooge

Me too :slight_smile: I see these posts also and thought the same thing but it is good to see “I copied this dvd fine no problems” just to let people know. Maybe title should be “Dark Water copied fine” instead of just the movie title so people would know and not think it’s a copy problem? Heck i don’t know…

a new movie copied fine sticky?

Yeah, I think we should make some sort of … standardized format for titles, or a sticky or something. Keep the problems separate from the successes. Also it’d make it easier to track things… someone says “I can’t copy Dark Water” but a quick perusal of the sticky says that Dark Water R1 WS copies fine, so we know it’s user error or a bad disc.

“Dark Water” does have a problem when using Nero Recode (or DVDShrink) along with AnyDVD. The failure message is “out of memory”…

Well after thinking more about this “Dark Water” or any other copied fine thread now we see problems people are having. So it really doesn’t matter. If you look in threads “Can’t copy xxxxxx” you will also see copied fine using xxxxxxx & xxxxxxx by someone else so it’s a no win either way.

Yeah but that’s a solution and the point of the thread. They may be expecting an anydvd update, but why not go with what works. Hell, 9 times out of 10 it’s something they should have tried in the first place.

That is a “fake” error message from our friends at Macrovision (RipGuard). I’m sure, with 824 posts of experience, that you know your memory capacity is just fine. You did not include version numbers but AnyDVD v. will handle current versions of Ripguard fine.

What version of AnyDVD are you using?

Only other variable (some would call it a mistake;)) is that you are using Nero. I don’t know much about Shrink (because I don’t compress) but it relies on a current version of AnyDVD and (nowadays) a current & recently updated ripping program, in order for it to do “it’s thing”. James tries to make corrections in AnyDVD to offset the inadequacies of other backup programs but new protection schemes keep showing up. Suggest that both programs can’t handle the structure protection of Ripguard on this movie. Do you own CloneDVD v. ?

But thanks for posting a problem!!! This rose garden :Z of a thread needed a little good old barnyard manure! :wink:

Best regards,
Whisperer AKA McScrooge

Yeah it rips just fine. But I dont have a dual drive. Anyway around the fake “memory” problem? Need to fit it on a standerd 4.7

Don’t understand what you mean. It couldn’t have ripped “just fine” if you got the memory error message.

The way around the problem is that you have to have AnyDVD v. override Macrovision RipGaurd.


Sorry I used DVD Decrypter it done the whole movie.6.75 gigs Now i cant dvd shrink to get it down to 4.7 gives memory error. Iam using Anydvd

The problem isn’t AnyDVD…it’s Nero. I haven’t been able to back up a ripguard protected dvd using Nero Recode, always get the “out of memory” error. But had no problems what so ever backing up with CloneDVD2.

Don’t know anything about the freeware programs. But I read that DVD Decrypter can’t handle the new protections because it is no longer updated. Why don’t you try (21-days) and buy CloneDVD which everyone above had success with. It will transcode (compress) onto a 4.7GB.

Personally, I never compress, I always split or recently, burn DL to keep the original quality.


Whisperer1 > Have you received your copy and tried to back it up?