Dark Water - Not a newb Q

Tried in 3 different drives (PX-740A, ND-2100A & CRX85A):
NO version of AnyDVD has allowed me to access it, but DVD43 has on the PX-740A with original 1.01 firmware (unconfirmed on the other 2 firmware revisions that are available.)

Firmware on the 740A has been revised to 1.02 and back down to 1.01 and even the dark bros unlocked 1.01 with a confirmed NO change in status with AnyDVD.

DVD43 will allow a read with the 740A @ original 1.01 and DVDFab Decrypt will start to rip, but then hangs around 1/3 of the way thru the 01 VOB.

Anyone care to drop some thoughts on it before firing off to support?

I doubt you’d have 3 bad drives. Bad original? How does it play on a set top?

Drag and drop the video_ts folder to your desktop (with Anydvd running) using Windows Explorer only. Then process the video_ts folder using whatever program you want.

Ensure you have enabled DMA on your readers.

All movies marked as DVD-Video have to play on hardware marked DVD-Video - if this movie will not play in your computer drive, the disc is defective!

Disc plays fine in a cheap Walmart RCA player.

The 3 drives I listed are on 2 separate systems, the Plextor is in a system by itself.

When the disc is inserted, the AnyDVD ( tray icon turns pink for a couple minutes while its looking at the disc and then gives up the generic “Failed to read” with:
1 - Dirty media
2 - Defective media
3 - Locked RPC2
4 - Unassigned RPC2

Immediately after error dialog is displayed, the XP “open with/choose app” dialog pops up with the “DARK_WATER” volume label.

I’ve flashed the Plextor PX-740A up to 1.02, back down to 1.01, over to the Dark Brothers (unlocked) 1.01 and back up to 1.02.

UDMA is enabled by default, left it unchanged.

Explorer file copy CRC’s out on the main VOBs and even did on one of the IFO’s but I was able to get all 5 IFOs. (Yes, antivirus is installed, but is disabled during the file copy.)

Should I email the IFO’s?

Oh yeah, and Wedding Crashers was total cakework on the 2 drive system last night… - Go figure.

I and several other members have successfully backed up dark water. That message means it’s having trouble reading it. Have you tried playing the disc with something like powerdvd? Try it with anydvd disabled. Probably get a different disc. It makes me wonder…Is rent, rip, return frowned on if you own the original but it won’t back up?

Yep, I’ll have to try another disc I guess (even though this one LOOKS pristine…) - I had issues with Raising Arizona (which had some light scratches) on the 2 drive (NEC/Sony) system, but it breezed right through with the Plextor drive.

Guess I’ll try the return/exchange thing, thanks anyway.

Good luck, and keep us updated

why would you do this? you’re still stuck with a defective original. just exchange the defective for another disc then you don’t have to bother with that shady territory…

Frowned upon but certainly not unheard of if for some reason you went past the return period. However, a very new movie that just doesn’t work out-of-box? Just return it to where it was purchased. While many stores don’t want to give you a REFUND (for fear you may have just copied it), virtually all will gladly exchange it for the identical title.

No. As other people have noted your disc is damaged (and simply stated, some players/readers are better at reading bad discs than others). Get a new disc.