Dark screen


My monitor is abit old n knackerd but im getting a new pc pretty soon so buying a new monitor isnt a remedy from my problem.

because its old its pretty crap and when my computer’s graphics settings etc are on normal the screen is way too dark, i have to turn the brightness up to about 122% to get it to look normal

on most games ive managed to make this stick but on a few when i open the game it goes darker again which makes most games unplayable.

anyone have any ideas as to how i can sort this out? its getting abit annoying now lol


Hey Rob, yeah it could be monitor going bad/old seen it’s days…
However what video card do you have? update drivers lately? sooo set to default settings didn’t work eh?

ive got an nvidia fx500 or something i cant remember, i dont think its that because like i said with most games i can get it to work but i cant with some, its definately the monitor as far as i can tell.

Yeah you’re probably right… But some games use diff. video settings ,so check game for their recommended settings… If you’re a gamer I’m sure you’ve done that…good luck!

thought i better update this a little bit
i have the brightness settings on 122% for normal(ish) colour. on return to castle wolfenstein its dark again when in the game but if i press the windows button it goes light but as soon as i go back onto wolfenstein it goes dark again, i cant do anything once ive presed the windows button because it wont open new windows, i can only go back onto the game. anyone know if/how i can sort either of these probelems out? thanks