Dark picture on LVW5005 (composite video only)

I’ve recently got an LVW5005 and am quite pleased with it except for 2 things, 1-it doesn’t do widescreen switching correctly, and 2-the composite video signal (via scart) is really dark.

I am wondering if the 2nd one is common, or a fault on this unit.

If I switch to RGB mode the picture is great. But if I route the VCR through it (which only does composite video, not RGB) the picture is very dark. It looks like it is double-terminated. It does this whether the 5005 is turned on or in standby.

It is not macrovision because it does it on broadcast output from the VCR tuner and home recorded tapes.

Anyone else get this?

There is one important fact I’d like to stress:


Truthfully, there are physical characteristics of the wire itself that tend to limit the quality of video signal you can get from it.

One thing that seems to attract interference with a composite video coax is –if the cable has a bare copper wire mesh shield for the ground wire. Better cable has a tinned copper mesh. Another thing is the amount and type of insulation used on the center conductor and whether that conductor is solid or stranded.

One thing I’ve also noticed with factory preassembled composite video cables is that not all the wire strands of the ground mesh are soldered to the RCA connector. I guess the factory was either in a rush for mass assembly or they feel it’s not necessary for all of the ground wire to be attached.

As I have mentioned before there are a lot of metal RCA connectors which do not have any silicone rubber to block interference between the positive center pole and the negative.

Also I’d like you to know that some low end composite video cables have a steel spring for strain relief –it looks like brass but its not and its magnetic and can be a cause of some interference problems (i.e.black curvy lines) even if it has silicone rubber covering everything inside the RCA connector.

So what do I recommend for everybody is monster cable M1000-series composite video cable. Then unscrew the connector and fill it with silicone rubber. Also there are noise clamps specifically designed to go on power cable, RF cable, and audio cables. They increase the resistance at the input jacks to block RFI interference.

Of course you could always make your own cables.

Mine had a very pale S-Video output. This was completely fixed by connecting the recorder to a different TV. The original SCART was input/output the 2nd TV was input only. I’m wondering if a oneway SCART lead would solve this problem for the first TV. Time to get the soldering iron out…

Anyway try a different TV if you can and see if it still really dark…

I have investigated this more now, what I said above was not quite right.

If the 5005 is turned on then the composite video goes through normally. However as soon as the 5005 is turned off, the picture goes dark. RGB pictures are not affected. So I don’t think it can be anything to do with the cabling, though I will try one-way cables and things like that

As you discovered already, 5005 has to be “ON” to pass video. If it’s off, it attentuates the signal. This is usually true of most external video recording/playback devices.

I purchased LVW5005 about 4 months ago, and have been experiencing problems ever since. The most recent problem is the discoloration in the dark areas of the pictures - colors in dark or shaded areas of the picture are washed away and the areas becomes completely B&W, and lighted objects in the dark area are tinted with weirdly strong basic tri-colors (magenta, yellow & cyan). When this happens, the picture looks like a pencil drawing with tinted colors or antique B&W photo with artificial colorings. I noticed this problem after I installed the firmware 0098. I initially returned the unit to the seller, and had the same problem again after the firmware upgrade (I was stupid enough to follow the instructions of the LiteOn’s customer rep who told me to do that to fix picture skipping/unsynch problems with the second unit) so had to return the unit to LiteOn with RMA, just received a refurbished unit with preinstalled 0098 firmware (they are so nice to do that) as a replacement, and of course, exactly the same problem is here again. This problem is more obvious with the scenes at night or in a room with limited lightings, and less noticeable with bright scenes. Could you please someone give me any idea how this problem can be fixed, or at least let me know if I am the only one who has this problem. I do not have the “green hue” problem, which I saw some people complain.