Dark Knight Thank You/Hancock Oddity


  1. Thank you to Fengtao for Dark Knight Fix – my son can now watch the movie in his room when he wants and the original is secured.
  2. Odd thing about Hancock – other people had some problems – I backed up the movie only from the first disc (I bought the unrated 2 disc) - went fine -but after burning the burned copy did not play on either my Sony or Onkyo DVD players - got stuck on 2 seconds of playback on both but did play fine on my son’s 8 year old Apex player (they play anything!). So, I backed up the whole disk 1, not just movie only, and it played fine on all DVD players.:clap:


Hi Miami, welcome to the forum. Yes movie only worked fine on Hancock it wasnt intil people wanted to backup their original in full disc mode that they had a problem until the latest release that fixed everything.I am happy you are sorted.:wink: Everyones configuration is different, what works for one might not work for another.


Hi Miami,

We will get Hancock and do a test.

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Thank you. I wanted the movie only to improve video quality (there isn’t anything else on Disc 1 that I wanted) but like I said, backing up the whole Disc 1 worked.
Talking about other configurations, I’ve found that using my wife’s notebook -Matshusita 8x burner - (I have a Dell desktop with a Plextor 800 burner) does the trick sometimes.


Somewhere I think there is a thread on the Plextor and DVDFAB as they don’t work to well together, it has been awhile back but I might be mistaken


Still waiting for my chance at The Dark Knight. :slight_smile:

I did my R1 single disc version of Hancock, full disc with no problems. I was kind of expecting them, but it went fine.


I really haven’t had problems with the Plextor and Fab. When there was a problem it was usually the copy protection (especially with Sony when it started adding its own protection to Macrovision) which was taken care of by an update to Fab.
Plextor has its own quality problems in my estimation (had a 716a which crapped out after a year) and now with the 800 you have to press the button several times to open the drawer and doesn’t close the first time you press the buton but that’s a subject for another thread.