Dark gaps on burned cd no good?

My understanding is that when you get color gaps on the cd it means the laser is turning off and on, i have been told that this can be a problem and create errors. When I burn with the 24x teac the burn looks smooth and continious, but with the liteon 40x I see these diffrent shades in the burn. Is the teac doing a better quality burn?

Thanks Liam

I have the same problem with my LiteOn 48x(oc’d). Sometimes the burn area are in the middle of the disc, strange! I thought it should be started from the inner and going to the outter? Instead… it start in the middle and end in the about outter of the middle(400mb VCD).

Sometimes it has wonderful gap across the CD, 3 or 4. Sometimes, it has even more wonderful stuffs… lighter burn area on the inner track, darker burn area on the middle track and follow by unburn outter track. Total of 3 shades on the CD itself! Is it normal???

Same trouble here too since o’cing

but it reads fine on the lite-on drive with no errors in scandisk utility


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anyone care to mention anything on this topic???

seems no one else having this trouble???

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well i understood then when a cd has different degrees of burn ie the burn get lighter from being darker that this is caused by zone-clv burning as the shades come in when the drive speeds up at each zone, but i would say there will be nothing wrong with the cd’s produced. hope this helps if i’m correct in what i say.


This is most likely due to the drive not adjusting the writing power correctly while increasing speed.

Then you will get a weaker look where the writing power was low.

This seems to happen with some brands of CD-R discs only so I think Lite-On may need to tweak the drive even better for those brands.

But on the other side I can’t find any difference in readability/quality due to this.

But I agree, it have worried me a bit to althoug it seems like it do not do any harme.

Getting zones looking different is normal on Z-CLV drives though, but shuold be less difference with CAV and P-CAV.