Dark City has no sound

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I am using DVDFab Platinum version under Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 and Dark City (1998 but re-released during 2004) has no sound, even though when the disc is copied with DVDShrink 3.2 it seems perfectly OK.

It will also not play on both my DVD players, not getting past the New Cinema trademark screen on one, although on the other it proceeds as normal (but once again with no sound).

Using DVDShrink there are no such problems with either DVD Player.

IFO files are attached in a zip archive. (see below)

Any assistance you can offer with regards to what the problems DVDFab Platinum is having with this particular DVD are would be most appreciated.

I noticed that the original disc lacks an AUDIO_TS folder, but otherwise there are no visible scratches or other observable faults in it’s manufacture.

PS: The IFO files mentioned above were sent to the program’s author on February 10th, but so far there is no response so I decided I would also run this by other members on the forum, to see if they might have any useful input to offer me with regards to this strange issue of no sound.

In the past the very kind people posting here have been marvellous in helping me to solve such problems.


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PS: Update. Fentgao has actually sent me a link to an internal beta version which I will try and report back upon here. Sorry for nearly completely missing your PM. :o

The reason I have not posted any reports over the last few days is that by the time I realised that the link to the internal beta version of the program was there in my PM inbox (5 days later), it had expired. :sad:

I have since (February 24th) sent another request to Fengtao via email, asking for a new link to be sent to me by the same route.

Beta version downloaded from the home page still gives no sound with Dark City. :confused:

reeman50 :bow:

Hi reeman50,

Did you use “Full Disc” or other mode of DVDFab?

Also, please try to switch to second audio stream to see the result.

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I am copying the full disc at 100% quality (no compression required).

How do I select the second audio stream only on the full disc, and why does it work perfectly with DVDShrink?

Under the customised dialogue both audio streams are already selected.

English DTS MPEG2/5.1 normal

English AC3-5.1 normal

Unfortunately I have to report that there is still no sound with DVDFab Platinum version

reeman50 :frowning:

Fengtao, :iagree:

I finally understood the point you were trying to make when you advised me to select only the second audio stream and it worked.

I selected the customise disc option, but reselected all files. Then for the main movie I unchecked the first audio stream (English DTS MPEG2/5.1 normal).

Everything is now working and the sound is coming through loud and clear. Why I have to do this I still do not understand from a technical perspective, but simply go with whatever works, I say. :confused:

This was only a relatively minor problem compared to the much more serious files reallocation failure error which was fixed in version, especially since the sound was not there when the files on the hard disk were played. I already knew that something was wrong before I even thought about copying the title to a blank DVD.

This must be a problem specific to that particular disc?

Thanks again,

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