Dare! Post your Plextor 18x scans here

Yeap, 18x. Whether they’re good or bad, show them here! :smiley: Let me start.

Plextor PX-760SA TLA 0103 FW1.03 (connected to JMicron SATA controller on P5W DH Deluxe mobo)
YUDEN000T03 (unbranded Taiyo Yuden 16x rated) burned at 18x

AutoStrategy = Auto
PowerRec = Enabled

BenQ shows high PIE errors due to high jitter but acceptable PIFs. Lite-On shows very good PIE and some squirky PIFs spikes. I’m too lazy to do Plextor scan. :o

Edit: added SUM1 scan.

Unbranded YUDEN000 T03 DVD+R 16x (1333)
Plextor 760A 1.03 FW.
Burned @18x with Plextools.
Burn time 5:34.

So, here it is:

Plextor PX-760SA/JP TLA0103 firm 1.03 connected to Intel ICH6 SATA on ASUS P4GD1.
AS: Auto
Verbatim 16x +R Made in Taiwan

Plextools SUM1 scan made with 716SA.

Drive Info ID: 0 PLEXTOR DVDR PX-760A V1.03
Test Settings Write Speed: 18.0X (24930 KB/s)
Test Result Disc Info: DVD-R, 0 MB
Disc : 16.0 X
Drive: 6.0 X - 8.0 X - 12.0 X - 16.0 X - 18.0 X
Start: 7.32 X
End: 18.26 X
Average: 13.16 X
Test Duration [B]0:04:44 [/B]

That’s how fast 18x can really be :bigsmile:. Ok, i’ll admit the result doesn’t really count, because it was a simulated burn and not a real one.

If you compare the writing graph below with the one [I]crossg[/I] provided above, you’ll notice the reason why the 760 does not seem that fast, while burning @18x speed when compared to 16x drives. The speed-advantage gets more or less eaten up by the very thorough running OPC that is applied (visible as downward spikes). In other words the 760 re-invests the time gained by 18x into quality control.

So for speed records we’d need to get rid of that ROPC. How? Turning of PoweRec does not solve this. I tried (you can see the result here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1496377&postcount=40) and it leads to the same writing-graph as [I]crossg [/I]shows above.

Any other ideas?

Plextor 760A TLA0001 firmware 1.03
Verbatim MCC 004 MIT.
Burned with cdspeed create disc.
Burn time 5:32

Well, those are just to write simulations, but they still look good.

Though the MCC 004 did not fully reach 18x, the burn was a tad quicker than the Yudens.
Anyway nice burning times (for simulations :wink: )

That’s Branded 16x -R(GH000125)
Plextor 760A TLA0001 FW 1.03
TYG03 @18x
Burn time: 5:42

760A TLA#0000 FW 1.03 with overspeed patch
Mitisubishi MCC03RG20 16X@18X
AS=Auto PR=On
Burning 4483MB ISO, Burn time:5:39

Maxell Branded -R 16x
Plextor 760A TLA0001 FW 1.03
MXL RG04 @18x
Burn time: 5:47(slowdown at the last)

gonna revive this thread :slight_smile:

I got a very nice 18x burn.
Media used was Verbatim MCC004 (CMC - MIT) DVD+R Photo printable.
Burned a movie-ISO using IMGBurn

For all the details check the attachments:

I’ll Give This Thread A Bump.

Bulkpaq 16x DVD+R MID MCC004 <== Could Be Fakes Very Cheap Media. :slight_smile:

Flashed Back To 1.03 And Deleted All AS Strategies.

Firmware: 1.05
Media: Verbatim 16x DVD+R
MID: MCC 004
Burn Speed: 18x

Q-Check TA Test

Inner Disc Zone Layer 0 [B]Good[/B]
Jitter 3
Peak Shift 3

Middle Disc Zone Layer 0 [B]Good[/B]
Jitter 3
Peak Shift 5

Outer Disc Zone Layer 0 [B]Good[/B]
Jitter 3
Peak Shift 5