**Dare** Post the fastest Double Layer burn (full disc)

Hi all
As the title suggests.
Dare post the fastest DL burn (full disc)

You can use any drive or DL media to perform the burn.
You can use a modified firmware if you wish to achieve a faster burn speed.
It must be a full disc.
The resulting disc must be readable.
You must post the burn graph
You must post a Transfer Rate Test to prove the disc is readable.
Post a Disc Quality Scan if possible
Post the drive model and firmware
Media used including (MID)
Burning Speed
Burn time (must be verified with a burn graph)

I’ll start it off with a burn from the Samsung SH-S203B and some test sample Ricoh 16x DL media.
Please note (this media is a test sample and not a production media)

Drive : Samsung SH-S203B (firmware SB01)
Media : RICOH JPN D02L
Burn Speed : 16x
Burn Time : 10m:33s

Where is the Jitter test?
It looks very nice for 16x DL.

Oh my…


x2 :bow:

And I should have taken bets on how long it’d take someone to ask about jitter :bigsmile:

Hi :slight_smile:
Nice once Dee. :iagree: :clap: :bigsmile: :cool:
Just provs my point about being the drive of the moment. :bigsmile:

It’s a very nice burn, and fast, but i’m curious about jitter :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: .

hmm. Before i go re-scanning. Does this version of CD-Speed have jitter fixed on DL scans?

Thats has got to be the fastest D/L burn anyone here has ever seen. 16X D/L media, I hope we see this soon. ( I can hope can’t I) :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Woow Dee-27, this is fast. :bow: :bow: :bow:
Can’t even find RICOHJPN D02 media here atm. :sad:

I mentioned i was going to burn 2 DL’s at same time and this thread pops up just afterwards :eek: :bigsmile:



Hi :slight_smile:
Yes indeed, I have done this with both BenQ’s & Lite-Ons. :iagree:

Nope. Jitter still only available on the first layer (tried on both Lite-On drives). Here is the one from the SATA drive.

I’m not sure when this media will become available for purchase.

I wonder how Verbatim’s MKM-001 and MKM-003 DVD+R DLs would perform if they could be burnt at 16X…

I burned 2 @ once in 25 minutes. Avg. 12:30 per disc > HERE

Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry about that. My memory is playing tricks on me.
I couldn’t find the discs I used ( as they were only test burns, been shredded probably).
Didn’t save scans (well did initially, but then had a clear out). :doh:

Drive : Plextor 760a (Firmware 1.06)
Media : Verbatim MKM 003 00 (8x +RDL)
Burn Speed : 10x P-CAV
Settings: PoweRec turned OFF to avoid slowdowns
Burn Time : 13m:17s

Scans below:
Writing graph
Burst Test in Plextor 760
Tranfer rate in LG GSA-H44N (FW: RB01, MCSE speedpatched)

PoweRec OFF makes for fast speed but at the cost of more errors. However, transfer-rate is fine. Amazing that 16x saves less than 3 Minutes.

Hi :slight_smile:
Try a BenQ then, if you have one installed in your current setup.

That drive burns it all away, oh my goodness. :bow: