Dare: Post a REAL picture of yourself

I was browsing some pictures on my computer and found some of me wearing a CD Freaks shirt on a Dutch Exhibition (HCC Dagen 2003) where we had our booth. It made me wonder how the rest of you looks here and to show that I’m brave enough to share my own picture I’ve attached it. I hope it didn’t scare anyone :slight_smile:

Now I hope more of you are brave enough to share their REAL photo. We will remove posts with fake pictures and discouraging posts (So no 'you’re ugly, you’re fat posts).

BTW: We did it before, here are a VERY few other pics.

This time, more than just admins/mods can post their mug-shots :wink:

only one I could find

Come on Debro, show us some skin :wink:

Me and WWF champion “the Rock” when he was 4, and I was about to “slam” him.

Nah… that’s my younger son. :bigsmile:
Pic taken April 11, 2004.

Ok, here I go… The first one is from 1998 – Hollywood, CA. The second one is recently and taken in Cologne, Germany.

Samsung SPH-X7800 was capable of only 0.3-megapixel which my friend had in April 2003. It was one of the most expensive camera phones then. Most pictures I post on CDFreaks are products of LG LP3500, a 3.2-megapixel camera phone. Compared to Samsung SPH-S2300, it lacks optical zoom and TV-out. Sharp of Japan has also released a good 2-megapixel camera phone that probably could compete well against SPH-S2300 and 5-megapixel SCH-S250 as well. I heard Samsung’s preparing one with AF, optical zoom, TV-out, and more.

Anyway, here’s one more.

And the old one.

BTW, posting one’s own pictures on open web and even home address is not a dagerous thing to do in a sensible society. Instead of curing what is in danger, people resort to privacy. As for myself, I really started posting those to make jokes of those threatening to kill me since about mid-1990s. Most of those cowards don’t even look at the other’s eyes directly when faced off-line in the real world. Then they later tell everyone that they’ve seen me and Kenny doesn’t look that bad. I’ve met thousands at hundreds of offlines so how many times such things were repeated, you can imagine.

Here’s that picture taken by Samsung employee(s) on Nov 4 when I visited Samsung. As usual, I’m the only one who’s in the picture not concentrating on the camera. The girl, and there’s only one, is also a TSST Korea employee who’s in charge of TSST Korea homepage and so it was she who probably first read my email to Samsung and TSST Korea that reported some not-so-good things about TS-H552B and requested an instant recall of TS-H552B, to much embarrassment to everyone concerned. It’s a mouse pad.

Poor quality so I took once more. Perhaps I should scan this.

Before resizing.


Second from right at the front row. A notebook between hands. :slight_smile:



Find attached mugshot :cool: & one of my finer moments :bigsmile:

Not a bad looking bunch :slight_smile:

thats me

mine this past summer


No face is shown there.


Dual bridge??

Given your age I’m open for marriage proposals, I don’t know about the rest of us :wink:

And of course show us a picture of you!

It’s me and my little niece…She’s very sweet :slight_smile:

From a camping trip…
Edit: on second thought, I guess I like being faceless ;)… image removed


That avatar must be your own then. :slight_smile:

(Without reading, I thought there were a daughter and a wife of Kus_Emmy.)


When? I know I sometimes look like a teenager or a college student, but you in that picture look just as young, perhaps even younger. (Subway pass card is cheaper to college students so it’s easy for me to pretend as one.)

chuckles The new avatar does make her look much more mature than just 14.

Just a few months ago. I am a college student, after all… :wink: