Dare! Fastest DVD DL rip speed

Yes it’s a pressed Store bought scrambled disc. When I tried to do the test it came up with error scrambled sector or something like that so I opened the disc with DVD Shrink for a couple of seconds and then it allowed the test. Both zevia’s rips are quite a bit faster than mine.:wink:

The Benq 1640 takes over the crown :slight_smile:
The images show a DVD-ROM-DL having PTP, but this does not influence the speed. Scans done on a patched Benq 1640 and a patched 1620 for comparision.

BenQ 1640A FW BSHB, speedpatched
DVD capacity: 7.84 GB
Max Speed: 15.50x
Duration: 9:12

Game over. :slight_smile:

By a convincing margin!:iagree:

Ah, I just see ala42 scans. :slight_smile:

Thanks to ala for the 1640 speedpatch:
Here are some results with DVDDecrypter.

Aopen 1648AAP:
I 11:24:33 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:09:45
I 11:24:33 Average Read Rate: 13.639 KB/s (9.8x) - Maximum Read Rate: 20.106 KB/s (14.5x)

Benq 1640 BSHB speedpatch by ala:
I 11:36:29 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:09:21
I 11:36:29 Average Read Rate: 14.223 KB/s (10.3x) - Maximum Read Rate: 20.744 KB/s (15.0x)

P.S.: The results above are from a DVD-9 with about 8GB.
These are the results of a DVD-5 with about 3,4 GB.

Aopen 1648AAP:
I 15:40:11 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:04:16
I 15:40:11 Average Read Rate: 14.113 KB/s (10.2x) - Maximum Read Rate: 20.036 KB/s (14.5x)

Benq 1640 BSHB speedpatch by ala:
I 15:34:48 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:04:26
I 15:34:49 Average Read Rate: 13.583 KB/s (9.8x) - Maximum Read Rate: 19.550 KB/s (14.1x)

here, the Benq is slightly beaten by the Aopen.

Let’s try this one… :slight_smile:

1213S@1653S (yea, that’s right… an old drive that I picked up last summer, not one of those new-fangled 93S drives)

Disc size: 7.53 GiB
Max: 14.85x
Time: 9:00

Not quite as fast as the 1640, but it ain’t bad for this old clunker. :wink: This is actually my very first time ever benchmarking a 16x -DL rip. I never liked the sound of the motors at 16x, so I never bothered to try before. Not bad for a first try…

is it possible to let’s know your system configuration that produces this type out pasting speed; this is fantastic ripping speed I have never seen this speed for D/L. I also wonder if you get this speed for protected disc (DVD Video) or none protected one.

Crossposting not allowed. hehe… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, what’s the movie title? Strange that the layer break is not exactly in the middle of the movie, or is not uncommon?


Yea, well… uhm… uh… I guess I should punish myself for breaking that rule. :wink:

@TCAS & @zevia

This is a commercially-produced DVD, so yes, it has CSS protection. In my past experience, CSS protection hasn’t affected rip speeds before. It’s the Director’s Cut of The Last Emperor.

As for my system specs, it’s really quite modest. I primarily use my 1673S@1693S, so I’ve relegated my old 1213S@1653S to one of my older PCs. 1.4 GHz Tualatin Celeron, 384 MB PC100 RAM, i815 chipset with default MS drivers.

You guys are making me feel little.

I can’t beat those speeds, I’m not even coming close.

Drive: BenQ 1640A
Firmware: BSHB, MCSE speedpatched
DVD capacity: 7.87 GB
Max Speed: 15.61x :clap:
Duration: 9:12

This drive has huge potential :).

I am faster in time: 8 min 47 sec !

Maybe because your disc is only 5Gb and the others are all >7.5Gb. :bigsmile:

I really think this guy is joking

Congratulation to the new speed champ. :bow: :clap: :bow: :clap:

:bow: :bow:

Yes indeed
maybe because the DVD I have been ripping is a film of Buster Keaton ?
or maybe because I have been a teacher at the “Collège Langevin Wallon” at Saint Gratien (95) ?

hopefully a nice full read speed firmware can be created for this drive, but for the moment this is what it can do (thanks c0deguys! :bow: )

Drive: Lite-on 16P9S
Firmware: Experimental c0deguys firmware
DVD capacity: 7.86 GB
Start: 6.68x
Average: 10.55x
Max Speed: 15.53x
Duration: 10:12

(duration is only 10mins because read back on the second layer is limited to ~13x?)