Dare! Fastest DVD DL rip speed

BenQ 1620A FW B7V9, ala42 speedpatched
DVD Title: X-Men 1.5
DVD capacity: 7.87 GB
Max Speed: 14.73x

Inspired by AOpen 1648/AAP 14.65x and possibly LiteOn 1693S 15x+

BenQ 1620A FW B7V9
DVD Title: Terminator 2 (T2) + some scratches :sad:
DVD capacity: 7.87 GB
Max Speed: 14.70x

BenQ 1620. B7V9 FW.
DVD Title: Tomb Raider Cradle of Life.
DVD capacity: 7.83 GB.
Max Speed: 14.65x.
Not as fast as zevia’s but does match the AOpen.

I sense that you will pass the record in no time…

Ok here a AOpen scan on RICOHJPN-R00-01.
Maybe this would have beaten zevia if it have had a lower error rate. (hope this english time sentence is correct)

Great! maybe this thread could be move to a neutral zone so everyone can participate?

Why not try MKM001 instead? :slight_smile:

At the moment, CDSpeed does not want to play with my pressed DL media.

DVD Decrypter ripped Disc 1 of the X-Men 1.5 in 8.41 mins with my Philips 1640 (+ SpeedPatch).

If you encountered “READ OF SCRAMBLED SECTOR WITHOUT AUTHENTICATION” error, it means the protected dvd is locked. Open the movie with a player, play a little and pause/stop it, then run CDSpeed again. :slight_smile:

Thank you, zevia. :bow:

That was indeed the problem. :o

Transfer Rate now being done. :slight_smile:

This the X-Men 1.5 done with CDSpeed :

And a larger DL disc (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly) :

Rambaud: it would be nice to see Transfer Rate Test from your AOpen 1648. :slight_smile:

It’s not connected at the moment, but I should be able to do so, perhaps later on today.

I would expect it to be slower than the Philips 1640 (Speedpatched).

From what I’ve seen, AOpen 1648 hits 14x @3.2gb while Philips 1640/BenQ 1620 hits 14x @3.4gb so the AOpen should be faster. However I think it also depends on DVD movie size.

My assumption was based on comparative ripping times using DVD Decrypter, where the AOpen was over 1 minute slower.


I have hooked up my AOpen 1648:

And with DriveSpeed implemented, which gives a significant boost.

Crossg; Did you get this reading on pressed (protected) DVD Movie or none protedcted disc?. If you can rip protected disc movie at this Max rate then that is amazing and fantastic.