Dare!: Fastest 16x best quality full disc sub 5:40

Ok…with new U9 firmware and WOPC Enable/Disable function the BenQ is now lightning fast with awesome quality for some…

the question is who? :bigsmile:

Unfortunately…My BenQ is not superstar and will not seem to reach these lofty standards :sad:

16x burn sub 5:40 mins

PIF max 16 (QS=90%)
PIF total 2,000
PIE max 280
PIE total 250,000
DVD+R capacity min 4480
DVD-R capacity min 4487

Tables of the fastest quality burn:
January 9, 2006
May 1, 2005
June 1, 2005
July 19, 2005
September 10, 2005

Good initiative nealh :wink: . Sorry to hear your drive can’t make it right now though. :sad:

You say full disc. Do I have to use Nero CD/DVD Speed to create a data disc or can I burn an image, say 4480MB in size?

LG has beaten that time for x16 speed.

Nealh, you’re da man!! :bow:

pinto2: we have discussed about it :slight_smile: and as Quikee2 said non-full disc time is approximate. Err, I guess 4482MB is ok.

Can I use the old scan? :bigsmile: I guess not? So it starts today with scans dated March 24?

nealh, I was thinking, maybe you can seperate the records per -Rs and +Rs, and/or… per MIDs? since IMO the writing strategy per MIDs is different. So maybe people with Princos or no-MID can also have their records. :cool:

Ok…guys I am a moron…I thought I even proof read the thread …sorry

Lets keep the quality scans over 90
to start(we can always make it tougher …right )
PIE max under 280 (PIE total…does not seem as important)
PIF under 16 PIF totals under 2000
Coasters need not apply

I will try to keep tabs on +R and -R media and MID

As for my burner…I just do not get the awesome results some get…ie zevia, pinto2 and of course ggggg( I hope he participates…so of his TY02 are just amazing)

PS thanks Pinto

OK here is mine.

Fuji 8x DVD+R 50 cake pack from Best Buy serial number 1158

I think any way you want to create a full disc…personally I would like to see some Image burns…ie ISO, NRG,BIN besides just nero create a disc…

I have noticed that in many cases my Nero create disc is a little faster and better QS than an image burn

I think size = 4400mg+…this keeps disc at close 98% full

I think the more input on parameters would be great

EagleClaw …very nice…

OK let me go burn a ISO and I will compare…

Here we go. Not as good as the first scan but I can live with it :slight_smile:

My first post.
Not too bad for 5:22. Almost disqualified for the PIF eh?

Not sure if it’s 16 and under or under 16. Nealh? Nice burn!

I would less than or equal to 16…so that QS is 90 or greater

so far only dvd+r TY02…Zaina 90 @ 5:22
Eagleclaw 95@5:35

does seem iso burn maybe slight lower in QS but same speed…though it could very well be just media variation

My attempt for today, hmm… actually looks better than it scored. :slight_smile:

Nice party you have here guys. Sorry nealh, would like to join you, but the quality on my media is not there yet.
Just wait…

BTW has anybody burned @12x in sub 5:40 with acceptable quality? If so drop me a message. :wink:

nealh, count me in. :bigsmile:

Does anybody know how long time it takes to break-in a BenQ 1620 drive?
Burned 150+ DVD´s, flashed 165+ times, but this thing is still speeding top notch.

How about setting up upper bounds for the total PIEs and PIFs? The problem of the old HOF was that a single spike can kill one’s validity even when the scan is fantastic in overall.
Setting up a condition of under 10^6 totoal PIEs and 10^3 total PIFs will make a lot of people cry, “Geez, I was almost there…”. :wink:

HEHE…I get in but barely on time… :iagree: :bigsmile: (BTW the 6:15 time seen was a 12x TY02 burnt with TY03 with wopc off no qscan)

I used Patched fw from ala42 :bow: B7U9 uisng TY03 to replace TY02
Please note this is without Qscan trick…it was Nero Create a CD …also I used modded fw…I used TY03 strategy with my TY02…thanks Pinto2
I think it is a pretty nice burn on seeminlgy lower quality TY02 01133

As for upper limits…on PIE I am not sure the total is a real issue…someone else can correct me if they disagree
But lets set say 100000…is this too generous( this maybe the only way some dvd-r gets in???)

OK new parameters
Full disc 400mg or greater
Lets keep the quality scans over 90
to start(we can always make it tougher …right )
PIE max under 280 PIE total under 100000
PIF under 16 PIF totals under 2000

I will be back later tonight…need to go earn $$$$ to buy media

Full disc 400mg or greater
400 milligrams of what?? :rolleyes: :wink:

Taiyo Yuden YUDEN000T02 8x DVD+R burned @16x
BenQ DW1620 FW B7U9 WOPC off. Media sold as Sony (Made in Japan).

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Full disc=4400meg or >

Jeez can anyone screw up as much as me???