DARE: 99% @16x under 6:00mins 20PIE Full burn!

I’ve been waiting so long, months, until someone can reach the “new standard” as per title, and my own promises (linky1, linky2). :stuck_out_tongue:

This thread is basically extending initial challenge threads by Kenshin (“16x for under six minutes, successfully”, Nov 2004), eleewhm (“Nero Disc Quality : 99% on BenQ DW1620 B7S9”, Dec 2004) and insaneoctane ("*Burn Quality Hall of Fame", Jan 2005).

Title explanations:

  • 99%: Nero CD Speed Quality Score if you get max PIF of 3 or less
  • 16x: max burn speed
  • 6:00 mins: you know!
  • 20PIE: max PIE of 20
  • Full burn: 4700000B=4481MB=4.38GB of data

So lets start! and hopefully I’m not the only one who post scan(s) here…

Taiyo Yuden TYG02 8x DVD-R burned @16x
BenQ DW1620 FW B7U9. Media sold as Fuji 50pack (Made in Japan).

[WOPC Disabled, quick QScan before burn]

All :bow::bow: to zevia…

I’m trying hard…
takes out whip and stares hard at my 1620pro

i hate you zevia…

but i will still :bow: :bow: to you

All Hail hail to the new Quality Scan King…

Holy cow! LG eat your heart out… cough. :slight_smile: :bigsmile:


So you guys just gonna :bow: me and do nothing??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep thread closed :frowning: lol

No way. I don’t believe it. Let’s see you repeat this feat.

You don’t believe my scan? you think it’s photoshoped?

Well, I think my drive love TYG02 very much.

This is another Quality Scan from the same disk.

This is TYG02 16x 99% with B7T9

Now I hope you believe…

Jeez…just so pretty…ignore cmm0325…he is a newbie

I wish my benq would produce those results…I got some Fuji 8x dvd-r made in japan to try and see if I get anything close…

Sorry. Didn’t mean to sound the way I did.

I use Fuji TY exclusively and out of 100 burns or so the best I have gotten that closely match your first scan was a +R @ 12x. I’ve never gotten a -R to come close to your scan at any speed.

However I got another 200 blanks to go so I may yet find some that will produce similar results as yours.

Again, I meant no one any harm.

OK zevia, I’ve burned and thrown alway all the disk I’m gonna to hit your DARE. Some very close but still no cigar… Great Burn! :wink: :wink:

Oh, here a photoshopped image for cmm0325…

everyone calm down! (???)

yes sir…

Don’t worry, I didn’t put any smiley like this --> :a , so I’m fine. :cool:

Please update daily how many you’ve burn and didn’t get the DARE result. :stuck_out_tongue:
PS: I’ve burn around 60 TYG02 with create data disk and only got two 99% @16x. :eek: One with U9 and one with T9, scans above.

I was not trying to be a jerk with cmm0325…sorry it clearly sounded that way

Zevia :bow: …I will only be able to dream of burns like yours…I am just happy if I get no rings, and scores above 92…

My setup or its just me …is not capable of 99 :(…

in fact I am almost afraid to try…to look so bad

and I think you forgot to inform us that you print money as a sideline… creating 60 useless Nero data disk and all!



Thank you for sharing !
I think your method works with WOPC either ON or OFF :slight_smile: