The new version of nero tells me that my cd-recoder supports DAO 96;
Now, Is Nero capable of writing images in dao raw 96 bytes?


I think not. Yet.

I have LTR40125S and it supports DAO/96 but if I try to burn images with DAO96, the Cd is unreadable.
I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because of WinXP or Nero.
Some say that it works with Win98SE / ME.


Nero can write DAO/96. But since DAO/96 causes more headache (:)) than normal DAO, it’s better to stay away from it. Normal DAO does just fine.


I try this DAO/96 option and it works fine on CDRW58E Teac 8x8x32
I couldn’t write a 99’ cd without this, because at DAO option I got a lot of errors.
MS XP Pro, Duron 800Mhz, 128MB DIMM