Danm Nero Vision to hell!

Nero vision has always had tuff times on all my computers. it allways hangs up on me, but the older version didnt do it so often. no it is imposible to do anything. why does it hang up so much can some one help me. i have and my graphics card has the lates drivers, like Ahead.de said would fix the problem.

Its possible your system is unstable, download prime95 and run it, if it comes back with errors then you have a system instability, run it for atleast a few hours

it does the same thing on both my computer. my main computer is a new alien ware. thanks for your advice though.

could it be the codec im useing. iam takeing mpegs and making DVD’s

I’ve done at least 100 hours + doing the same type of work. Never had a lock or hang. Works perfectly.

vision sucks. no one knows what an error 129 is. damn this new computer.