Danish scientists Teleports a billion atoms

I just posted the article Danish scientists Teleports a billion atoms.

This is really nice. Teleportation is about copying atoms on the first side and asemple them on the other, afterwards the old atoms on the first side will be destroyd. But if you forget to destroy…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2567-Danish-scientists-Teleports-a-billion-atoms.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2567-Danish-scientists-Teleports-a-billion-atoms.html)

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beam me up scotty :slight_smile: once this tech evolves enough its gonna be great

If you were teleported… would you make it across, or would it just be a copy of you? How would anyone tell?

This may be the beginning of faster than light comunications.

:stuck_out_tongue: If your traveling at the speed of light will your headlights still work? :9 (there is a correct answear) If we gat faster than light communications, I’m sure M$ windoze will find a way to slow it downdown :4

The answer is yes. Your headlights will still work but your brakes won’t. :r

Maybe the ONLY way to make perfect SD2 backups :4

Freeze me & wake me when the technology is fully developed…

Make PERFECT COPIES of anything! The economy is in big trouble once pirates get ahold of this technology once it has evolved! :wink:

Copying everything else but humans should be easy, but If you try to make copy of human, it will always fail, it will never be the same, and too many risks about that sort of things, but copying something non-living should work :slight_smile: and that would be fine… :slight_smile:

Help, I’m puzzled ? Can someone tell me, how can the message be received across distance without actually sending the message ? This is a paradox to me!

It’s kinda like …cut and paste in windows… It doesn’t actually ‘cut’ the file untill it has ‘pasted’ it. so it is actually Copy-Paste-Cut

and for the headlights… They will still light up, but only inside the headlight, if you want them to shine in front of the vehicle, they would have to be turned on Before reaching the speed of light!:4

Look at this from a medical point of view. I can make a copy ( or a backup just like when you backup your HD with Ghost ) of me when I am young and in good health . Then take a record of all my datas ( quantic state of myself in that moment ) until I get sicj and I need a perfect replacement of a body part . The I can replicate the part I need with the exact “healthy” copy I need. this is not fantasy … this is in theory now but certainly possible in the future ! Of course I am a trekkie and I’ve always loved star trek ( and hated star wars for the same reason ) because if you analize those movies carefully you will discover that EVERY phisical concept explained there is possible…only that we need proper technologies we don’t own nowadays… see ya !

TH7 ! The message is sent but this message contains only all the data needed to “rebuild” a perfect copy of what I’ve “scanned” at the point of origin. It’s only that it involves a great use of energy to : 1)analize the body I want to teleport 2)dissove it ( because I have to delete it ! ) 3)Transmit the data ( the quantic matrix ) 4)Rebuild it ( actually “creating” it from nothing … or let’s say from pure energy ! Bye

Thanks. I get it now.

How do you copy the spirit of a human being?

my brain hurts.