Danish police respond to gunfire reports ... was only PS3


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Like to play shooters with the volume at full blast? Sure, that home theater setup might give stellar surround sound and it can even make things sound as real as possible, but it could also land you into a lot of trouble. Take the case of two 21-year old gamers from Valby, Denmark for example; just over the weekend, the boys were detained by Danish authorities who were responding to gunfire reports in the neighborhood.

Neighbors mistook the gunshots heard from the boys’ “PlayStation game” as actual gunfire and reciprocated with emergency calls to the police authorities. The volume was turned up so loud that the boys could not initially hear the police calling out to them via megaphone. Luckily, no one got hurt when the boys were finally detained. The cops searched the apartment, found no weapons and came to the conclusion that the noises were coming from the game playing on the television. The two were allowed back into their apartment without any further incident.

So what have we learned today, children? That gaming has become such a viscerally real experience that its world of imagination can be misconstrued as real. Oh, and make sure to keep the volume at a moderate level, please.

The man pwned those PS3 gamers! :cop::cop::cop: :o

Maybe I should turn the volume down a bit the next time I watch an action movie…