Danish APG has start sending out invoices to p2p software users

I just posted the article Danish APG has start sending out invoices to p2p software users.

A while ago we reported on the Danish ‘AntiPiratGruppen’ (APG) demanding $135.000,- from file-sharers. Today, thanks to dday for his tip, we can find a follow-up story on Wired News.

A group…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5059-Danish-APG-has-start-sending-out-invoices-to-p2p-software-users.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5059-Danish-APG-has-start-sending-out-invoices-to-p2p-software-users.html)

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Why da fuk should they delete the files if theay have payed the invoice? If U pay for it U own it. That is the way things usually are

Are you a FUKING idiot? If a cop stops you for speeding and you get a ticket does that mean you can speed all day? Are you dense or does the logic simply escape you? They ‘fine’ you for what you have on your hard disk that they can see when they do a search for all the Danes with that file(s). Its like the Edonk show all the share files feature, they just take a screen shot and fine you accordingly… There is no ‘invoice’, just a fine, the idea being you should buy it so you do own it!

Thanks bobsen, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Just buy the cd/game/movie/software from the store legitamately in the first place and you won’t have to deal with any legal action such as this. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

My solution is encrypted anonymous file sharing.

It’s a clever ploy because it will discourage people from leaving massive mp3 collections in their shared folders. I, like the selfish git I am, have never actually ripped one of my own legitimately purchased music CDs to my shared folders. Therefore all the tracks I am p2p sharing were given by other people. Is this more or less reprehensible? As far as I recall, when I signed up to grokster and kazaa I didn’t give anyone my real world contact details. These could be obtained by reading my email address and getting them from my email provider. However that would be a serious Data Protection issue. Anyone know exactly how this was done in Denmark?

Is sharing a crime? I mean, sure you can say that downloading music you don’t own is but can they prove someone downloaded any files off this guy? Or did they do it? Would that mean they are braking the law?

WetBaboon: The way APG did it was to get the IP-address of the filesharer (easily done with eDonkey’s ID and “netstat” from a command-prompt). Then they took a screengrab of the offenders shared files as proof/evidence. Next the go see a judge to make him sign out a paper to give the offenders ISP, so he hands over the full name and address of the offender. Then they send a copy of the screendump to the offenders address, charging him for the things he (or she) shared…

I doubt a screengrab would be enough in the US. Haven’t you guys ran into fakes? Just because its called WarCraft3.zip doesn’t mean it is the game. And how did they figure up the music…most people don’t have full albums, just individual songs. And the article did say invoices, not fines, and an invoice is involved when a purchase is made. So after paying it, those people did own the files, and wouldn’t have to delete them.

OMG :r who is the brain behind such bullshit ??? and the funny thing is that 8$ is a ‘BARGAIN’ compared to the average strett prices (18>22 EUR!!!) for audio cd’s over here in italy… :4 not to say, 99,9% of those audio cds are plain ‘bullshit’ (again!), but no one has ever listened to a SIAE (italian RIAA) member talking about QUALITY instead of the oh!so!good! fucking business… thing will never change :o

I hate you Danish APG!!! Someone please bring on some kind of anonymous file sharing program so these fools can never track us. Does anyone know of a way to make yourself untrackable online or any programs where you are untrackable when sharing files? I need something like this so I can feel safe and share files in peace!!!

Try Emule, it is safe :slight_smile:

i do feel sorry for u who did pay. you are stupid. u should report this as an abuse of your sivil rights. u shouldn’t pay, cause they can’t prove anything… 1: is it actully your ip they have traced??? NO!!! never! you were hacked from the outside, and some one has used your pc as a front on the net have thoose files ever been on your harddrive? nope! go ahead people, prove to me my contenst off my HD! it’s a little tricky, but i can delete them files, or i could just rename them into anything i want :slight_smile: from a dansih gyu