Danish Anti Piracy Group demands $135.000,- from filesharers

I just posted the article Danish Anti Piracy Group demands $135.000,- from filesharers.

jsl used our newssubmit to tell us about a Danish article on Computerworld Online. The Danish AntiPiratGruppen (Anti Piracy Group, APG) demands a total of about $135.000,- from 150 Danish…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4937-Danish-Anti-Piracy-Group-demands-135_000--from-filesharers.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4937-Danish-Anti-Piracy-Group-demands-135_000--from-filesharers.html)

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The trick here guys is to sign every single thing you own to a truly trusted friend or family member, then let them sue! Who gives a rats arse whether the “AntiPiratGruppen” (who are no doubt the real pirates here) win or loose, you have nothing so they can do jack shit! It’s about time we screwed the world wide music industry who, let’s face it, are the real pirates. Corporate scum leaching off society. Lets shove their music industry right up their arses and put them on the streets, download and share everything and anything you can spend no money on the industry that doesn’t go directly to artists.

FUCK the Danish anti-piracy group. They don’t have a right to invade the file sharers privacy. That Invading privacy is exactly what they’re doing by tracing IP numbers and going to the ISPs to get their names. I hope the Danish anti-piracy group will rot in hell!!! FUCK you Danish anti-piracy group!!! GO TO HELL Danish anti-piracy group!!!

How do they find the IP of filesharers on these P2P networks that are supposedly sending all data encrypted? I thought that’s what irked the RIAA so much is that they’d have to violate the DMCA themselves to hack in to get the IPs or file info? :frowning:

Wait a minute… What has the APG done to deserve this money? They expect 1,000,000 DKK out of nowhere? Some company just comes out of nowhere and demands money - that’s just bullshit. This business sounds kind of dirty and they are the ones that should be sued.

They are TOTAL out of line here. Dont they know these people dont make money of software, so therefore the fine they do have to pay, should be way smallere… If they where making $$$ of pirating, then big fine´s is OK. They should grab those who benefit from the authors and make money on there behalfs. So i think i can boil it down to this: I STINKER APG, lad den lille mand være og nap de professionelle pirater !!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

a government by the people against the people.:r

Nice to have a forum like this…HURRA HURRA! Crime is bad…thats right. BUT, those -right or wrong- self-appointed dickheads like the ones from BSA wants to make everybody a criminal. This is the fucking marked for them to “steal” our money. They actually believe that if there were no copying at all, they would make more money an cheaper products…BULLSHIT. First, they have never made cheaper products before so how can they know? Second, How can they say that they have actually lost any money. If we had to pay for all the software we have, we would only have a few programs on our pc. In short terms, the softwarecompanies wouldent have earned the money in the first place. So how can they say they have lost anything at all? OH-Nooo they just cant get enough for themselfs and there stinking attorneys. What will be the next? Borrow your nabours car and VW,Opel or Mazda will sew your ass of for not bying your own car. GIVE ME A BREAKE