Dangers of undoing macrovision hack



my new six week old 5600 is working well, partially thanks to the info and helpful advice i have found in the forum. i’ve gone thru about 75 +Rs already! and am using a lot of +RWs like crazy to send shows to friends and relatives.

i was wondering: do a run the risk when i do future firmware upgrades of undoing the macrovision/region free hack?
when i couldn’t get it to take the few first times, i had to put the regular version of the firmware back in there to restore it to the way it was, before i reloaded the hacked version. what is preventing the macrovision hack from getting removed in future firmware, that is similar to the firmware that contained the hack to begin with? is once the hack in there is it in there for good, unless i reload that specific firmware that doesn’t contain the hack?


You have to do the MV hack each time you update the firmware. Note: there is no guarantee that the hack is the exactly the same for each update, so unless you are sure of what you are doing, I would advise you wait until it is confirmed that the known hacks still apply.


As Oilman stated when the firmware is updated using the official Liteon file for your serial number the MV protection is re-enabled. In fact, any hacks you have previously done such as region free, 3 hour mode or MV disablement are all undone. This is due to the fact that a new file is flashed into the eeprom that does not have these hacks present. What you need to do is to “hack” the new firmware either manually or using a utility such as ILOHacker and re-flash with the “hacked” new version. But as pointed out above, not all versions of the firmware have used the same hacking technique. So you may want to wait until someone else has done it before you try.

One final point. If your machine is giving you the performance you are satisfied with, don’t always assume it is wise to upgrade the firmware. The Liteons have had inconsistency from build to build and some firmware upgrades have led to degraded perfomance on some machines. You should always ask yourself first if you have an issue that you believe the firmware may address. If not, why risk a bad hack or a bad upgrade?


This is always good practice to adopt anyway when upgrading, and doing a system default before an upgrade.


Like unwired said “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” If your unit is doing what you want it to do on the media you use, leave it alone. As with other systems, software etc. sometimes the new release is worse than the previous one. If your media works for you, and you have 3hr mode, region free and no macrovision to worry about and it’s doing what you want to do, I would leave it as is.

Now if they do a f/w or system update that has something new/nice or fixes a bug or trouble you have that’s a different story.


the only problem i have noticed is that occasionally when i go to record a certain VHS tape i get that jitter problem. it is the 5006 reacting to that particular tape; it is NOT copyguard or heat related. it is like the 5006 just doesn’t like certain VHS tapes. most other tapes it records ROCK SOLID STEADY, like a satellite program or DVD. can’t make any sense of it. at any rate, i doubt it is something that will be fixed by a firmware upgrade, so i doubt i will want to do any further upgrades on it at all. so i guess this is a non-issue. thanks.


see what i said to oilman. other than that minor problem, it is working fine, so it would behoove me to leave it alone!


@thrak8 you stated you have the latest f/w and hacked it for the macrovision and it works great except for a few VHS tapes…I would leave it alone for now :wink:


oops, i thought i sent you an e-mail. must have been someone else in that discussion. yeah, other than that minor glitch - and it isn’t often - mine works a lot better than a lot of the others i hear members going on about, and i love the fact that it will copy ANYTHING! and so far it has accepted all the different brand media i have used. i am not going to mess w/ it. i am having a great deal of pleasure making my VCR obsolete. i’d like to see them come out w/ one that will copy the soundtracks in Dolby Digital (i hear Philips is) w/ an optical input, and Dual Layer. maybe in a year or so. if i can get one like that, & i can do that hack on it, i’d definitely get another…