Dangerous materials (DVD boxes)

Hi folks,

I’m having a problem here (or maybe not?). I ordered a bunch of these 2-DVD-boxes http://www.nierle3.com/s01.php?sid=PG001010613454793064435945479306&cur=eur&sp=en&ag=1&pp=aa&offset=&suchstr=&aug=&augn=&studio=&studion=&eb3=&eb3n=&zu=&azn=&ak1=&akn=&ak2=&ak2n=&leg=&sql_rest=&bnr=2345&htmnr=&htmtitel=&wka=</a>

and they are great - super slim and very practical. While i’m satisfied with the functionality, there is a very harsh/intensive smell out of them (someone mentioned here they are from recycled plastics) and i would like to hear your opinions, if that chemicals could damage my media. Nierle states on the site that the material is PP. What’s that?

I want to use these boxes for both daily and archival purposes and i know for sure that some chemicals are damaging to CDs and DVDs.

Any input much appreciated! :bow:

While I don’t know about whether they are actually recycled or not, as a plastics extrusion operator I can confirm that Polypropelene does have a unique smell to it, as does the color concentrate that is part of the formulation. Recycled plastics, when not mixed with other types, usually retain the odor of the original material. They should be required to label it as a recycled product though (at least in the US, not sure about Europe) so the customer knows what they are getting.

Polypropelene should not damaged discs. It is the same material used in Case Logic disc wallets and other high quality brands of disc storage products.

Well , I don’t know whether they would harm your media or not but I do know that “virgin” materials used for High Quality cases are much better .
As for the PP sign , I think it means (recyclable) not (recycled) :bigsmile:

The PP is probably polypropylene and the smell would most likely be from the PP being in a confined space. As far as any damage, I’ll pass on any thoughts.

Thanks a lot!

jhtalisman, it’s just the description that states PP on the Nierle site (doesn’t have to be correct). I emailed them and will let you know any interesting information i get.

minaelromany, there is no PP sign on the box :disagree: , just a DVD logo…

jeff53404, i have let open boxes ventilate a couple of days, but as soon as i put them into a drawer, they smell again. What do you mean by “I’ll pass on any thoughts” - you don’t know or you don’t want to think about any health dangers? :confused:

thnx again,

I just read on Wikipedia that Polypropylene is odorless. So either the product-description is incorrect or there are some additional chemicals (softener?).


What do you mean by “I’ll pass on any thoughts” -

I didn’t mean to confuse you. I meant I don’t have any ideas.

I’ve noticed that some plastic items smell. I guess it’s a solvent used in the manufacture.

Normally polypropylene doesn’t smell. It’s widely used for food containers, freezer containers. etc. In the US they are usually marked on the bottom with “PP”, for recycling purposes.

I have lots of polypropylene CD cases that I like. No smell either. But I don’t have any like yours. My double ones are thick.

I received a message from Nierle regarding my questions about the boxes and the materials/dangers, maybe about a contact to the original manufacturer too. They say:

leider kann ich Ihnen darüber keine Auskunft geben !


Kind regards

Have a nice day [/I]

Translated it means "Sorry, but i cannot give you information about this!"

Have anyone dealt with Nierle, are they reliable? I’m thinking about sending the boxes back to them.

Any thoughts?

Smelly discs and now cd/dvd cases. :eek:
Normally it shouldn’t damage your discs.
I’ve ordered sometimes there, and personally i hadn’t problems with Nierle.
They should be reliable. And regarding the smell i guess it depends on the manufacturer like steve b already said. :wink:

Here’s digging up an old thread…

I’ve found some of the more recent DVD cases I’ve got from SVP absolutely reek of chemical fumes. Not good. :frowning: I’m seriously thinking of avoiding such cases and sticking to jewels for hard case storage.

I was wondering if Amarays are any better but you probably just get a more expensive whiff.

Amaray cases should be safe.
Withouth knowing the solvent and other additives being used for the recycled cases no conclusion can be made.
Some of these materials can harm and others are no problem except that they smell bad.