Dangerous Chinese DVD players on the market?

I just posted the article Dangerous Chinese DVD players on the market?.

PTInews.com reports that Israelian authorities have confiscated over 40,000 DVD
players that were according to the authorities dangerous. This due to the fact
that the DVD players…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10088-Dangerous-Chinese-DVD-players-on-the-market.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10088-Dangerous-Chinese-DVD-players-on-the-market.html)

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Finally, a DVD player that can microwave at the same time :slight_smile:

Radiation? Too bad they couldn’t have been a bit more specific about what sort of radiation. Since they cite pacemakers as a potential problem it sounds like they’re thinking high energy microwaves, but what in a DVD player would produce high energy microwaves. It seems like the only radiation warning ever noticed a warning inside an optical drive is the one about laser light. I have a hard time imagining a connection between a pacemaker and a laser diode.


And we all just thought it was those Pokemon cartoons making the kids shake!

no, thats pokemon on dvd :B

Those damn chin* ! Who knows what the fuck else is affected by this - A lot electronic components are made in china. What about motherboards, cards, dvd writers, etc… This means we are exposed to high levels of dangerous radiation - those sons of bitches should be JAILED or better yet put to death, releasing stuff KNOWINGLY that represents a danger to health ! Shame on those motherfuckers - you gotta give’em credit though, those inexpensive chinese playeres from what I see have some amazing feature and picture quality that is as good if not better in some cases than the more expensive units. Oh well. Does this mean LITEON will release a new firmware but instead of putting “match more media” will say: “burn more people” :Y :Y :Y :Y

Hey, what’s this magnetron doing in my DVD player and why did the lights dim when I hit the power button?

Dear Rimmer66, I’ve noticed that your postings always seem to be crude and inflammatory. Have you ever heard the axiom, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”? And I was wondering, since you call yourself “Rimmer66”, does that mean you were born in 1966 and enjoy licking buttholes? P.S. Notice the polite and subtle way I just flamed you without a single profanity? Ahh, refreshing! :g

Its a terrorist plot! And those danged islamic terrorists were looking at grinding up smoke detectors to make a “dirty” nuclear bomb when the Chinese went about it the right way.:b:d

How did the arabs know that the Israelian presidebt wore a pacemaker.? Is this saddams weapon of mass distruction fallen into chinese hands? Why was the pope useing chinese DVD equipment and not italian? Ahhh sooo

Now now boys, no racist comments, thanks! I’m white too - but let’s not make any racist, derogatory comments against any race of people. It’s against CDFreaks policy…and your comments will be censored by the forum administrators! Except for comments from bstrayman. Nicely put! :B
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Ice, It was meant to be tongue in cheek (i.e. the reason for the emoticons I selected), not meant to be racist. Never meant that the Chinese were terrorists or even meant to imply it, just making fun of the dirty bomb hysteria that swept the media after 9/11. (note: need an emoticon to indicate “sorry” or “apologetic”) Edit: The US media, I should have said.
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Saruman, I know you meant it in a nice way…and I saw the emoticons!..:B My comment was directed at Rimmer66. Guess I should have reacted to his post directly huh?
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Let me guess, you are Chinese right ? I stand 100% by what I say and if you aren’t happy with it, go to hell ! Here’s the thing - When it comes to my attention that Chinese DVD makers KNOWINGLY released something that poses a health hazard to me and my family, it is my every right to react - and when companies or a group of people no matter what their race, colour or what not, KNOWINGLY release items that are shown to be harmful in any way, the said people should be put in jail - Don’t they KILL people in that country when you commit crimes ? Not a question of race you ignorant wankers. Since we are on the topic of CHINESE dvd players its normal that we mention chinese. If it were any other country I would have said much the same. Like I said I stand 100% by what I said.

[I]Let me guess, you are Chinese right ?[/I] Guess you can’t read mate! If I’m Chinese - must be another life, another karma I can’t seem to recall at the moment. :B Read bstrayman’s and mine earlier posts again…you’ll find the answers to your questions in there…Cheers :X
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Why does everybody take rimmer66 so seriosuly? Just ask Lister, Rimmer’s a smeghead!