Dangerous Brothers speedhacked ".exe" firmwares... are for DOS or Windows?

I hate to make such a stupid question, but this is not explained in the DB’s site, nor in the downloaded pack.
In the downloaded pack, there is a collection of .exe files.
(There is no need for a flasher, bc it is contained in the .exe files.)

in the readme file, it says “click on the file”, so I guess it is Windows… XP?

anyone knows for sure?

p.d. I am talking about the speedhacked firmwares for my Sony DDU1612 DVD reader.

Yes, works straight in windows. Be sure the drive has no disk in it before flashing.

alright, thanks.
I am not going to flash yet, because one of my drives is scratching my DVDs, and I think it is the Sony 1612… oh well…

anyway, thanks again :slight_smile:

oh, dear, I wanted to say “CodeGuys”, not “Dangerous Brothers”.
I was referring to this page:

and this patched firmware:

too bad I can’t change the topic’s title…

Those work same way. Usually those are all windows flashers with that drive, and if it were dos, it would usually include *.bin and *. exe file. Bin beeing the firmware and exe only flasher program.

Oops, i automatically assume you would flash it to LITE-ON JLMS XJ-HD166S, so didn’t pay much attention to that Dangerous Brothers only offers Lite-On FWs. :slight_smile: Probably because i have flashed my Sony to Lite-On. :slight_smile:

Look here:
the GHR3 and GHR5 firmwares for the LTD163D, are supplied here as autoexecutables, and these are for DOS.
GHR7 and GHR8 are for Windows.

No BIN files in all cases.

because i have flashed my Sony to Lite-On

Do you own a Sony DDU 1612? good!
wanna do a little test?
My DDU1612 scratches the discs when I run CDSpeed3 >Quality Test at full speed (in fact, I can only run that test at full speed with this drive).
I guess this only happens when the disc is full of data.
More details here:


Yes, those are binaries.
I was just putting an example where an autoexecutable firmware is meant for DOS, not Windows.

Anyway, a member of CodeGuys has confirmed me in the “Firmware Page” forum that their autoexecutable flashes are for Windows. No more discussion then. :slight_smile:

Still, if Savenger could do the “scratch test”, would be fine. Careful: use a non-important disc. The scratches will render it unusable at the edge.