Dangerous Brothers 1.01 ND-2510A Patcher not working in DOS

When I try to run the patcher is DOS (using a DOS boot cd) to flash my ND-2510A using the Dangerous Brothers 1.01 patcher it won’t work. It says “Program cannot be run in MS-DOS mode.” I am trying to flash with herrie’s 1.07 beta 5 firmware. Do you think the problem could be that the files are on an NTFS volume? Should I go buy a USB floppy and boot from disk and try it again? I know this flash utility has worked for many people, so I don’t know what’s wrong.

You can’t access a NTFS volume from clean DOS, except you’re using a special memory resident utility called “ntfsdos.exe”. I don’t know if this could be the problem, I actually haven’t tried it yet.

No, you shouldn’t buy a USB floppy for this.
USB does not work in DOS.
You could create a new small FAT32 partition on your harddrive using Partition Magic and place the files on there.

OK Thanks I’ll give that a try. I know some DOS programs cannot read/write to NTFS partitions, even if DOS can recognize them.


I don’t know what you’re doing, but DOS cannot see or access NTFS volumes at all (only fdisk sees them as non-dos-partitions)! As I mentioned above, you need extra tools to make them visible. And maybe these tools are the reason for problems with the flasher.

Perhaps you have an old small harddisk. You can format it with FAT or FAT32 and install a clean DOS on it. Then you can simply change it with your HD and flash the firmware from there. Or you can add it to the system and boot from a CD.

I know this is may be obvious, but we have all missed the simple things - Are you booting from the 2510? you cannot flash the drive you are booting from.

Good point, mikedd! :slight_smile:

But perhaps the error message is another one, then…

USB does not work in DOS.

Actually, most newer bios’s will allow you to use a USB floppy in dos. It will show up the normal “a:” drive, I do this quite often. As far as the ntfsdos utility goes, I have used it and it works fine as long as you are not trying to save a copy of the firmware you are trying to overwrite (you get read-only access to ntfs partitions).

Yes I am trying to flash the drive I am booting from. And yes my bootdisk has a program to access NTFS partitions. I have a USB floppy at work that I use to boot PC’s there, so I’m bringing it home tonight. I believe that if I didn’t have the NTFS partition software, when I tried to access the drive in DOS, it will give an error such as “Invalid Media type reading drive C” or something like that.

I think we’ve got it then! :wink:

OK I got it flashed. I used a USB floppy and made a boot disk and copied the firmware and program to another, booted, switched disks and was successful. The flash program must not be able to work from an NTFS partition. I don’t think the issue for me was booting from the drive to be flashed, because I couldn’t even get that far. The flash program would not even run. Thanks for all the advice.