Dang popcorn-eating sheep

After searching the forum on how to improve the burn time, I saw the recommendation from Olli to disable the animation of the sheep eating popcorn by right-clicking and unchecking the “Enable animation” option. By doing this simple thing, my burn time improved from 57 minutes to 34 minutes. Why the heck isn’t this defaulted “off” in the download?

:eek: … why was i not informed sooner :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, I should have looked here sooner!
Thanks for the great time saving tip!
I get tired of watching that sheep eat.

But it is funny!
Great tip, I was not aware of the time savings.

CloneDVD Sheep On/Off performance difference is highly dependant on your particular computer system and background Multi Tasking operations active when conducting CloneDVD backup operations.

Some factors to consider are CPU Speed/FrontSide Bus Speed, Video Card Speed/Video Ram, Available RAM/RAM Speed, Hard Disk Speed/Cache Buffer Size, and IDE Channel Configuration. All these factors interact with each other and have a synergic effect on the performance level of your particular computer system. Some computer systems are designed for high level performance and having the CloneDVD Sheep running around doesn’t have an adverse effect. Some computers systems aren’t performance masters and the CloneDVD Sheep running around does in fact inhibit the CloneDVD performance.


I agree with u
I don’t think disabling the animation of the sheep will inrcrease the speed of burn significantly
It will increase the resources available to PC
and on a lower end PC, may prevent burn failures
Ine could probably free up more resources by turning off anti-virus other resource hogs

I rather enjoy the animation
Ensures me all is going well

Also who first used the nice sucessful burn tune? Olli or LightningUK? And who is the ‘Oh No’ voice???

i’m not sure of your question…but i do know that my sons watch a cartoon called jimmy newtron and part of the theme song is the sucessful burn tune…it drove me crazy as i thought the program was running when it wasn’t…lol

may be instead ofsuccesfull burn tune, could have the option of “oh yesss!” voice

Um, can’t you just change it to whatever you want in the preferenes? :smiley:

I think you are right SamuriHL but you might need an .wav file and it will what you want.

I just wanted to reiterate that for my 4 year old, low-end, POS, Costco-purchased computer, disabling the animation did make a significant difference in the burn time. I was averaging 57 per burn and as soon as the animation was disabled, I got 34 minutes per burn. I’m not really willing to find out what happens if I disable my anti-virus protection. :disagree:

You quote out of context
is not cool :flower:

could you please fix me typo in yore quote

I like that popcorn eating sheep thinking about get me one for my backyard.