Dance Ejay 6

Hello, i have the original version of Dance Ejay 6. I tried to make an image, but i get errors, even after an hour. I tried some Copy Protection reconigers, but they say all different stuff. ClonyXXL says its SafeDisc V2, another says it has no protection, and another says SecuRom and so on. In the middle of the back of the disc is printed SafeDisc. There is no logo, it is just written. I have tried Alcohol and CloneCD (both newest versions) but they both give reading errors. Can somebody help me???

How scratched is the original? And if it is orginal, then the Safedisc writing should be right. Try looking on different sites. Google it. Just write “ejay dance 6 copy protection”.

Oh, and eJay products rule :smiley: :wink: (I have eJay Special Edition - wish I had techno :()

Scan the CD again using aray scanner to get the used SafeDisc version. Posting your optical drives would be some help…

Thanx. Ill check the version ASAP, but first ill have 2 do an examn, and my drive is an LG 52X

Well its definatly SD2. And your LG drive won’t cut it, it could be possible with emulation

The 52x drives are 2 sheep, Merther?

The drive should be fine if it is indeed SafeDisc 2 or anything upto 3.10. After that it could get a tad tricky.

I have fixed it now. I`ve read it with a Plextor drive, and it made the correct images, with only some errors in the beginning. Than guys :bow: