Dance e-jay 2.0 Full?

Please tell me where I can find this prog in its full version!?!

I have Dance Ejay 2.0 and two samplekits!

Soon I get fast connection so if you want it I can send it as ISO to you!<- If you just have quite fast connection! :wink:

how dit you get it?

To defiz: I only have a 56K connection unfortunately! But can’t you uplaod it to a webpage and let me download it from time to time? (With resume feature of Download Accelerator). Anyway, how many MB’s is the whole thing? Please if you do so, tell me the address as soon as you can!
Thanx m8

My problem is time! it maybe take about 2-3 months when I get so fast connection! :frowning:
I’m sorry about that!!!

and I maybe get dance ejay 3 but I don’t have sample kits for it!

But take my email up! my email is

Dance ejay 2 cd is need 80min cd and those two sample kits same size! so lot of time to download!

When I get the good connection my computer is allways connected to internet and my computer is open 24h in day!
So then you are welcome to download it when you want!


Cool man. But that’s a very big fucking time to download that! Anyway, if you can get it working send me an e-mail at:

Also, because I see that the prog is very big maybe anyone else knows how to crack the Demo version so that it doesn’t stop at the time limit!
Any help is appreciated.

If you know dance ejay 2 demo only have about 150 samples full version have 500-1000 samples! so I think full version is better!

By the way I forgot to say that I have hiphop ejay and rave ejay too! :wink:


I wouldn’t mind a copy of that excellent program myself. If u do manage to get a fast connection could u let me have also.


hi did anyone get the program???

This is a cease and disist order.

NO illegal software will be discussed on these forums.

Your first thread was deleted this one is now closed to. DO NOT ask for this software again unless you are planning on paying for it.