Dance Class!

So I signed up for my first dance class in 15 years!!! I can’t believe I did it but I’ve been saying for years how much I miss dance. My current class is belly dancing…heheehee, I’ve always wanted to take a class in it. Next will be a Swing style of dance. All I need now is a partner.

Dance classes are awesome because it doens’t really feel like exercise. I’m always so happy and giddy that I can’t feel the burn!!! I love dancing so much. When I’m not dancing I’m watching it on TV or in a movie. Tonight is the first show for Your Mama Don’t Dance. :slight_smile: I can’t wait.

I love dancing too!!! Oh and I have been waiting forever to see Lifetime’s new show Your Mama Can’t Dance. It looks like such a cute and emotional show. I mean really how crazy would it be to dance with a parent or child. I’m thinking it would at least be really frustrating. I guess I’ll find out tonight. :slight_smile:

I like taking dance classes but for some reason I’m too shy to dance anywhere else. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a mirror to see myself. LOL. I caught a few minutes of Your Mama Don’t Dance this weekend. From the little bit I saw it was really cute. I would kill my parents though if I had to dance with them.