Damn Yahoo's 200MB mail box

No thanks to yahoo’s mail box capacity increase (from 4MB to 200MB, and 25MB to 2GB), their mail server is now slower than hotmail’s. Shit, you can’t login now.

… Ok, I managed to login to the 200MB acct, but it’s sooooo slow, I didn’t even get to check my mail before the yahoo mail server timed out on me. @#$%

I thought it is 100mb at least thats as much as i have now - from 6mb originally. And yes it was slow this morning - now it runs fine here.

Ok, so the 2GB acct’s all smooth now, but the 100MB (typo in title and 1st post) acct is still lagging like hell and can’t even login. Times out repeatedly. Man, I hope hotmail doesn’t go crazy like these mofos and kill their whole system by increasing the mailbox size too.

It’s been working ok for me today, not a single timeout. And I thought it was weird for them to just all of a sudden upgrade from 6mb to 100mb? What the hell?

fighting gmail :smiley: