Damn! SVCD2DVD is not hitting the mark...again



I had this happen twice before and now its done it last night. I set the output size to 4440 for a XVID to DVD conversion and the output size when video/audio combined is just short of 3.8 gig, thats 600 meg short of what I asked for :frowning:

I always use CMs guide. Is this something to do with the bitrate settings?


How long is the movie? Maybe the movie does not contain enough data to expand to 4440…


The movie is 98 minutes.


Does the final 3.8gb file play okay & complete from start to end, including audio? If the audio was not extracted fully (not rare) then a small final size but the movie also incomplete. What Audio bitrate did you select during encoding and what bitrate did you use when converting the audio to AC3 ? If these are different, then there is your answer. Check that the Max Average is at 7200, if its lower then it has maxed out on that bitrate and not able to fill a dvdr.

I have been using Max @ 9000, Min at 200 & Max Average at 7200 for almost 2 years now and have NEVER had a small sized encode unless the movie was below 90min in length.