Damn spyware...... Please Help

Hello everyone!

Ok, every so often i see in the task bar IE load up on its own, then quickly close, it is slow enough for me 2 see it but 2 fast for me 2 see the address its tries 2 load. I am guessin this is spyware… Looking at my firewall Kerio, nothing suspious is accessing the net…

I have tried Ad-aware and Spybot S&D (good combo usually works) but that didnt stop it, (well Spybot found something called MSN pologomy, but i deleted it), then i tried microsoft Beta and cwshredder. But just a minute ago, IE loaded on its own and disserpeard :a

B4 anyone says it… i do use firefox, i only use IE for the sites firefox cant handle eg windows update.

Any suggestions, the only last resort i cant think of is, making kerio block IE from loading up, so it cant load up by itself, but then everytime i want 2 do windows update, ill half 2 remove the rule.


I have had once or twice with the same programs you have that they couldn’t delete spyware correctly from IE. I think it was about:blank that was a pain in the ass. But NoAdware worked. They do have a free one but its kind of weak in that it does find files but it can’t delete them. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a whirl,


You need to start examining the processes running on your system.
It’s possible you may have malware that has installed an ad server.

Also check Add/Remove for installed programs that you are not familiar with.
Run msconfig to determine what’s running at startup. Terminate programs that are not necessary (just about all) at startup.

Pacman’s Startup Applications List can help you identify these startup programs.

You probaby don’t want to hear this solution but the fastest (and most likely the easiest) way is to do a fresh install. Belive me, I ‘clean’ several computers daily and it’s not worth the time hunting down 'em all.

clean installs can take loads of time if you have lots of programs installed / configured a certain way. the best solution is to be ready to put a fresh copy + installed programs on with norton ghost. thats a lot of work to be ready for, though.

ad-aware and spybot search & destroy work wonders when you cant erase the entire drive and start over. dont forget to do your autoupdates.

Loads of time? Ever heard of unattended installs, pre-made registry files, installation scripts etc? Ad-aware and Spybot lets loads of spyware/nagware slip by even with the lastest referece updates. Ghost is decent although the majority of applications will be outdated next time you ‘re-ghost’ your computer and you’ll get rid of all installed programs you dont really need.

Try this program http://www.emsisoft.com/en/

I’ve found it brilliant when other programs ran into a brick wall

Why not use a program to not let them install in the first place?
I’ve been reading up about this program and it sounds like a good idea.
SpywareBlaster 3.3
What the hell its free. :slight_smile:

Been using spywareblaster for ages now, you don’t even know it’s there, on same site there’s also spywareguard also good & free.

I also tried Counter Spy (trial) it picked up more crap, get it here It’s worth a shot.

I have to agree with DiiZzY, I make my living dealing with these issues, and I must say that a clean install is the best way to go. Even if you have to backup files from an infected machine before you wipe it clean, so they will still have their “precious” files. Norton ghost, or something of its equal would be a good idea in the future.

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind

Well i’m not 2 sure about reinstalling windows everythime i get spyware…

Thanks to everyone who reccommended programs, lots of different programs pick up lots of different spywares :slight_smile:


I agree :iagree:

I strongly urge using an imaging program such as Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image, it will save you countless hours of avoidable aggravation. You will be up and running in minutes not hours as with a fresh install.
I have used Acronis True Image for years and never once did a restore fail me.
I am not fond of Symantec Products (Ghost & Drive Image), far to bulky for what they do for my taste.
I have XP Pro with slipstreamed SP2, I also have all the SP2 updates saved.
I do all XP updates manually, when Microsoft site informs me I need an update I see what it is, don’t install, then download it from the Windows catalog and save it.

I do my images in stages, fresh Install, then as I add hardware I take more images along the way naming them accordingly so I know what they contain should I need to use them. Turn off XP’s useless Restore since you will only have a Virus or Trojan remain on your machine. I found just when I needed Restore most, it failed me, thus I went to Imaging. With all the tweaks I do do my machine a new install is out of the question, I have better things to do with my time. When I need a fresh install,
my fresh install image takes less then 3 minutes, so why would I even consider a fresh install. Folks, imaging software will be your best friend, saving you time to do the things you enjoy, not laboring over a PC that some asshole who has nothing better to do, managed to put a destructive file on your PC.

I don’t like norton ghost :frowning:

Used it once, said it would restart 2 do something and b4 the windows xp loading screen came up there would be some black n white writing saying something about norton ghost, left it for a few hours, stayed like that, didnt do anything. Had to take it 2 the shop for them 2 do a repair installation :frowning: they said something like ghost made its own partition which failed to load-up… but woteva thats in the past now…

Havn’t seen IE load up on its own for ages now, i think its safe to say problem solved :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!!!

LOL and just after i posted that i saw IE load up in the taskbar by itself and close again :(…

DAMN!!! i hate spyware maker people, shud be shot… :(:(:frowning:

Try down loading Webroot Spysweeper and/or Intermutes Spysubtract. Turn off the restore feature before you run these programs. Spy-Bot has some active featurers that may prevent spyware from installing on your computer under tools and resident settings. So does the Microsoft program and of course Spysweeper and Spysubtract have these features also. Only use one active component or you may get some conflicts slowing down or crashing you computer. Best protection is to do all your surfing in a limited user mode.

apparently you deal with a different type of user than i deal with. mine like their stuff exactly where it was, because they are too stupid/lazy to adapt to it in a different place. this necessitates leaving it where it is. can you imagine trying to re-tweak software for someone that has no idea what settings need tweaked?

cleanings are much friendlier.

Check out MS Antispy. It’s in beta, but it seems to work really well. Finds things that Adaware and Spybot miss. It also lets you restore IE settings. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=121876

Yea I agree, Not just for those reasons though. I just recently had some unrecoverable failures and had to do a fresh format. No worries I’ve got everything on disc ready to go. Theres always something you forget, and mine was the countless codecs (190) I’d gathered over time and had working together in perfect harmony. I’m now frustrated and busy finding and configuring my codec setup,(40 so far) so I can get back into seamless authoring again. Its the little things that get you on a clean install. I’ll vouch for MS Antispy, works really well and for the moment is free. The only drawback is the lack of full software control. Thats just a Micro$oft thing.:slight_smile: