Damn! "Derailed"

How to backup derailed?
I used anydvd 5961, dvddecrypter 3540 and also dvdwasher bu the structure of dvd remain protected.

Any solution?

Thanks to all

what do you mean it “stays protected?”

anydvd takes care of this no problem.

are you receiving error messages? if so, what is the exact error message text?

have you tried ripping with the anydvd ripper?

anydvd version is more than adequate to rip this title, at least in R1. I can’t vouch for other regions and you didn’t mention the region coding of your disc…

I got Derailed (region1) done using AnyDVD and straight thru DVDShrink., no problems whatsoever.

Burned with CopyToDVD.

My region is 2.
Is there another software to backup this film?
I ripped this film in my computer (with anydvd) but, when I try to copy it in a blank dvd with Nero, it says that “DVD files reallocation failed, the resulting DVD-video might be unplayable. Do you want to continue?”.

perfect copy with:

anydvd 5961>>>dvddecrypter>>>fixVTS 1.25>>>DVDwhasher 1105

elby CloneDVD2

if you rip with anydvd there’s no reason to run fixVTS.

when you use the built-IN anydvd video ripper, it automatically runs fixvts (yea the exact SAME program) on those files…

That error message is associated with Nero not AnyDVD. I would suggest using ImgTool Classic to build DVD video compliant images from dvd root directories and ImgBurn to burn the DVD video compliant images to disc.