Damn annoying silence in megamixes

hi all

several years ago i ripped mixed cd’s to my hard drive, now i want to put them back on a audio cd but when i do (using latest nero 6) i always have a fraction of a second silence, or worst still, you can hear the join, whereas on the original cds you couldn’t. this is driving me nuts and i’m about to smash pc cd player up! when i ripped them, it was a continous mix on the disc with each track seperatley id’d so you could jump to a particular song rather than having to hold the ff button. when they ripped to the hd they became seperate mp3 files. is there a simple solution to rebuilding them as a continuos mix? nero does it simply by ticking the “no gap” box but it doesn’t seem to work all the time…hellllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppp! :a

I use Soundforge (you can use any other wav editing program) to remove the silences, then create a cue sheet to burn it to a CD, don’t know any other way ?