Damaged & Unreadable Sectors - But still all files readable?

I burnt around 20 CDs of different brands at different speeds.

But, no matter what media & speed I always get damaged sectors & unreadable sectors thru Nero CD Speed.

I have no problems accessing the files. File Test also reports no errors.

I get 10-20% or even above in some cases Damaged Sectors.

0.1-0.50% unreadable sectors -always bellow 1%.

My LTR-48125W is manufactured in July 2002 & Firmware shipped with the burner was VS06.

I tried the following Brands:

HP - Ricoh (Silver) (16x certified)
Sony - Sony (Blue) (24x certified)
Sony - Sony (Silver) (32x certified)
Frontech - Prodisc (Silver) (32x certified)
Frontech - Moser Baer (Silver) (32x certified)
Samsung - Prodisc (32x certified)
Samsung - Ritek (40x certified)

Digimat - Prodisc (Silver) — End of the disc had numerous Unreadable sectors & could not be read. This media was faulty though. Couldn’t be burnt in any burner properly.

Whats the problem?
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I dont mean to be rude, you have a 48x speed burner, and you are using anywher from 24x to 32x media. If you burn at speeds higher than what your media is capable of, then it explains it.

Well max_clif, it seems you haven’t read my post properly.

I have said that I have tried burning at different speeds i.e. from 8x - 48x.

All burning is done with SmartBURN enabled in Nero.

Possibly aspi errors.

Does anyone know how cd-speed actually accesses the cd-drive?

I remeber back with the adaptec aspi layer 4.60 (1008) I would always get really low speeds at the same point on the cd’s with my asus 34x Cdrom drive, but using mscdex drivers in dos, the same disk and drive with the dos version of cd-speed, it would be a perfect CAV curve.

It’s possible a similar error is giving wrong results at the one point.

It can be possible.

I have discovered another interesting fact.

When I use Nero DriveSpeed & limit the reading speed of my Lite-On to 16x.

It reads all the CDs which previously had yellow & red sectors properly. All sectors are green.

I increased the speed to 24x. Same result as 16x.

Increased the speed to 32x. Some yellow sectors.

Increased the speed to 40x. More yellow sectors.

Set the speed to 48x i.e. max - Same results like I mentioned above.

Yellow & red sectors.

Nows whats this new phenomenon ???

Shall I upgrade the firmware to VS08 from VS06?

Upgraded to VS08. Not much difference.

At least I gained something.

Nero CD Speed now at least shows less yellow sectors in some CDs I scanned earlier.